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Side characters can make or break a movie, and Redditors have shared which comedians have played their roles best.
When famous comedy actors are cast in supporting movie roles, the result is often hilarious to watch and elevates the film way beyond its basic premise. One recent example of this is Brad Pitt's Bullet Train, which has revealed just how many improvised scenes made the final cut thanks to the inclusion of comedic actors like Brian Tyree Henry.
Even when films don't fall primarily within the comedy genre, including famous comedians can be a great way of balancing tone and creating fun, memorable side characters that often outshine the main cast themselves. Reddit has recently shared a few examples of movies that manage to capture this trick perfectly.
Seann William Scott is probably best known for his involvement in the American Pie films, though the actor has actually appeared in several other projects throughout the years. One of these is Old School, where he pops up as a minor character called Peppers, who certainly leaves a lasting impression.
Reddit user calhalen reflects on Seann William Scott's iconic role, writing about the character's "mullet" and the hilarious scene where he "threatens the donkey." It might be a little over-the-top, but the entirety of Old School is full of comedy actors who don't take themselves too seriously, so his exaggerated character fits right in.
It's primarily lead stars Jared Leto and Ellen Burstyn that are remembered for their work in Requiem for a Dream, with many audiences sadly forgetting about comedian Marlon Wayans' astounding dramatic turn as one of the film's most complex supporting characters, Tyrone.
One Reddit user praises Wayans' work in Requiem for a Dream, later claiming that it's a "shame he's so set on making '…Movie' movies", referring to his ongoing roles in the Scary Movie franchise. His work in Reqiuem for a Dream proves that Marlon Wayans could definitely progress to dramatic films or TV series in the future, if he wanted.
Neil Patrick Harris plays a fictionalized version of himself in the comedy classic Harold and Kumar, with the role marking a memorable return to filmmaking for the actor, who had previously dropped off the grid a little since his child acting days. It was a hugely different kind of role for the actor, but that just made it even more memorable.
Many people attribute Harris' role in Harold and Kumar with the actor's eventual rise in popularity that led to his iconic role as Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother, as the two characters were very similar. Redditor michael_platson claims that the role "gave a huge jolt to his career."
Jonah Hill might not be known as a comedian in the same sense as more stand-up-oriented actors, but his roles almost always fall in the comedy genre. That's why so many audiences were surprised with his emotional and dramatic turn in Moneyball, where the jokes are sidelined for a much more personal story.
Even though he's not the lead, Hill manages to cement himself as one of the most important characters in the film. Redditor nils2317 claims that "Jonah Hill in Moneyball" is a great supporting performance from a comedian, and it just so happens to be in one of his co-star Brad Pitt's most successful films to date.
Iconic comedian Chris Farley appeared briefly as a security guard in 1992's Wayne's World, a film full of likable characters and quotable skits. Farley's role might not have been the most important to the story, but many of the film's funniest moments involve his character – which isn't surprising, given his status as a comedian.
Reddit user radu47 cites Farley's appearance in Wayne's World as one of the greatest comedian supporting roles, referring to the character's "intensive hand gestures" as one of his funniest features. In a movie full of lovable comedians and hilarious writing, it's a true accomplishment to stand out as much as Farley does.
When thinking about Zombieland, it's probably the central characters played by Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Emma Stone that first come to mind. But many audiences will also remember Bill Murray's appearance in the film as a fictionalized version of himself who falls victim to the zombie outbreak.
It's roles like this that prove just how much fun Bill Murray is willing to have with his career – it's hardly the most prestigious role out there, but he still brings 100% and makes his appearance a lot of fun for the audience. Reddit user oohlah2 names "Bill Murray in Zombieland" as a perfect example of a comedian adopting a fun, lighthearted supporting role.
The Princess Bride is often cited as one of the best movies of the 1980s, but many audiences often forget that comedy legend Billy Crystal played one of the film's most entertaining and unique characters of all – Miracle Max. The character was crucial in creating the sense of magic and mystery that makes the film so popular.
Reddit user heirophantgreen cites "Billy Crystal… in The Princess Bride" as one of the greatest supporting characters from a comedian ever put to screen, and whilst the character might not be the most well-known among casual audiences, there's no denying that his intrinsic air of mystery helps a lot with the film's atmosphere.
Played by comedy legend Steve Carell, Evan Baxter is one of the few side characters who shined so brightly in Bruce Almighty that he even managed to secure his own spin-off film, Evan Almighty. Although this film isn't quite as popular as the first, Carell's character remains one of the most entertaining parts of both stories.
Carell's role was only small in Bruce Almighty, but that didn't stop him from stealing the screen whenever he appeared. Reddit user moviebuff90 recalls how "the audience was laughing so loud" during Evan's few scenes in the film, which explains why so many were happy to see him in the sequel.
Jack Black was one of the most popular comedic actors throughout the '90s and early 2000s, but some of his best work is actually in the projects where he doesn't steal the spotlight. Even when he doesn't have that much material to work with, his line deliveries and hilarious mannerisms make all his characters memorable.
He might not be the biggest character in High Fidelity, but he still delivers some of the funniest quotes in the entire movie and remains a consistently engaging presence in the film. Redditor _bobby_tables_ claims that they "like Jack Black's supporting role in High Fidelity better" than most of his popular roles.
For the majority of his career, Robin Williams had been viewed solely as a comedian – there to crack jokes and share his imprint his contagious charisma on the audience. However, Williams proved with Good Will Hunting that his talents stretch much further than comedy, completely stealing the show from the main cast.
So many movie fans over the years have claimed that Williams' character in Good Will Hunting has had a profound effect on their life, and that just proves how important this supporting role was for the comedian. Redditor nightmayor_ believes that this project "showed [Williams'] range perfectly.
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