10 Queer Writers/Directors Who Are Changing the Game – Collider

10 Queer Writers/Directors Who Are Changing the Game – Collider

Celebrate Coming Out Day 2022 with a look at gay and LGBTQIA+ creators on the rise!
As more and more queer content is released in the world of entertainment, viewers have innovative queer creators (including writers and directors) to thank. Whether it’s standup specials, movies finally being produced by major studios or TV shows that go viral with their phenomenal storylines and captivating characters.
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Even when it is not Pride Month or National Coming Out day, it is so important to recognize and celebrate the queer and genderqueer creatives making a true difference in the industry.
Joel Kim Booster is a standup comedian, writer, and actor. He’s known for his hilarious stand-up special Psychosexual and for writing and starring in one of the best queer films of the summer, Fire Island.
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Booster is actively creating space for queer actors who aren’t just white and male-identifying and is a champion for the queer AAPI community (who are historically underrepresented in the entertainment industry). Fans of Fire Island should be thrilled to see what this hilarious creative does next.
As one of the best comedians in the country, Jerrod Carmichael used his masterpiece of a standup special, Rothaniel, to come out to the world. Talk about courage! He hosted SNL in 2022 and wrote and directed many of the shows that he had performed in for the span of his career…and he’s still going strong.
He is currently working on a film titled Poor Things, where he will portray a character named Harry Astley.
Julio Torres is yet another queer comedian who is absolutely worth paying attention to! Known for his absurdist comedy special where they explained why a variety of little figurines, tiny items, and dioramas are his favorite, My Favorite Shapes.
Torres also stars, writes, and executive produces the HBO series Los Espookys, which follows a group of friends who turn their love for all things spooky into a successful business. Season 2 of Los Espookys was just released. Torres is also slated to direct his own A24 film!
Victoria Alonso is a widely-recognized film producer. She serves as the President of Physical, Post Production, VFX, and Animation at Marvel Studios. She also happens to be queer! She has worked on all the movies and Disney+ television shows in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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While Alonso may not be a movie star or appear in any of the films, having a queer individual behind the scenes in high-ranking positions will help create more safe and inclusive spaces for future queer creatives!
The Canadian comedian, actor, and writer known for the series Feel Good is Mae Martin. They are a queer creative who made their mark on the entertainment industry. Martin originally started in a comedy troupe, and eventually moved to film and television writing. They identify as non-binary and queer.
Their work has been widely recognized and celebrated, and in 2022 they appeared in the HBO Max series The Flight Attendant as Grace St. James. Who knows what will happen next, but fans shouldn’t doubt they have some wonderful projects in the making.
Silas Howard is most known for becoming the first trans director to direct an episode of Transparent.
Since then, he has gone own to direct episodes of popular shows including The Fosters, This is Us, Pose, Grand Army, and most recently A League of Their Own. In June 2019, Queerty named him one of the Pride50!
Lilly and Lana Wachowski are a duo of acclaimed directors, writers, and producers. They are both trans women and have worked together for most of their careers.
They are known for directing huge box-office hits like The Matrix franchise, writing and producing V for Vendetta, Cloud Atlas, and for co-creating the Netflix series Sense8. Most recently, Lana filmed The Matrix Resurrections while Lilly directed, wrote, and executive-produced many episodes of Work in Progress.
Known for feature films Pariah, Bessie, and Mudbound, Dee Rees is the screenwriter and director the world should hear more about. Rees identifies as a lesbian and stated that much of her film Pariah is semi-autobiographical.
In June 2021, she was announced as the first African-American woman to direct a Criterion film! She has directed some episodes of Masters of the Air, an upcoming miniseries.
Billy Eichner, otherwise known as his alter-ego Billy On the Street, is an actor, comedian, and producer. He is most known for his comedy game show Billy on the Street and for his acting roles like Craig Middlebrooks in Parks and Recreation, Timon in the live-action The Lion King, and a variety of roles in American Horror Story and Impeachment: American Crime Story.
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Just recently, Eichner wrote, produced, and starred in the fourth gay rom-com from a major legacy studio, Bros. Be a Bro, go out and support Eichner!
Jared Frieder is a writer known for writing the 2022 queer film Three Months and TV series Sweet/Vicious. Three Months stars Troye Sivan as Caleb in this coming-of-age film.
When Caleb finds out he was exposed to HIV and waits for results, he ends up finding love in a place he never thought he would find it. Frieder’s script is genius, and the movie is available to watch on Paramount+.
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