30 Best Comedy Movies On Netflix | 30 Most Funniest Films To Watch – ScoopWhoop

30 Best Comedy Movies On Netflix | 30 Most Funniest Films To Watch – ScoopWhoop

Apr 12, 2020 at 06:19 PM
While the world continues to fall apart, all we want is to watch something that will make us laugh, isn’t it? So here’s a list of the best comedy movies you can watch on Netflix. 
1. Just Friends
An underrated romantic comedy about a fat guy named Chris Brander who is stuck in the friend zone with his best friend. But he finally gets a chance to get out of it a decade later. 
2. The Dictator 
When the dictator of Wadiya, General Aladeen accidentally ends up becoming a common man in the US, there’s a lot of trouble he gets into. 

3. Kung Fu Panda
This martial arts comedy about Po is not just funny but is super cute too. Find this silly, colourful, and vivacious panda learning martial arts in the most comical way.   
4. Pineapple Express 
A lazy stoner runs with his dealer after witnessing a murder of a corrupt cop while being super stoned.  
5. Get Him to the Greek
Check out a record label talent scout trying to get a musician to LA from London to his concert. The entire journey in between is hilarious. 
6. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
The hit comedy about a British spy who freezes himself until his archnemesis Dr. Evil returns. Well, what’s better than that?           
7. The Hangover 
Four friends go on a bachelor trip. But the trip turns out be super messy when the groom-to-be gets kidnapped on this trip. 
8. Step Brothers
What happens when two 30-year-olds with no life have to suddenly share a room just because their parents get married to each other? It’s damn funny.   
9. Between Two Ferns: The Movie 
If you thought Zach Galifianakis’s awkward web series was the only thing that can make you crack up, then you have to watch this movie.
10. Always Be My Maybe
A film about a pair of teenaged best friends who have since drifted apart and somehow managed to get back in each other’s lives once more in adulthood in some very weird circumstances. 
11. Wine Country
A couple of girlfriends take a trip to the wine country to celebrate one of their friend’s birthday. But the fun begins when they start realizing how all of them have a very weird way of dealing with things. 
12. The Edge of Seventeen
A hilarious comedy that shows an awkward teenager who experiences high school in the most embarrassing way. 
13. Set It Up
A romantic comedy about two assistants who decided to set up their respective bosses in order to just get some free time away from their tiring jobs. 
14. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle 
The first movie from the series where two stoned guys just want to get a burger and end up getting into a lot of trouble. 
15. The Longest Yard 
A pro football player ends up in jail and has to deal with all sorts of prison politics and make use of his talent to survive. 
16. Dolemite is My Name 
A film about a comedian who aimed to bring his hit standup character “Dolemite” to the masses by writing, producing, and starring in an extremely low-budget film.
17. Isn’t It Romantic
What happens if you wake up one day and your entire life turns into a romantic comedy? Find it out in this movie. 
18. Life Of The Party
A divorced woman enrolls in the same college as her daughter and it surely gets awkward for her when the mother gets more popular. 
19. Wedding Crashers
What’s a better place to find beautiful women other than weddings? Two strangers crash weddings and enjoy to the fullest until they get caught.
20. Get Smart
A very unusual pair of secret agents who end up together on a mission to find a terrorist group. 
21. The Other Guys
Two peculiar cops are forced to step into the spotlight after the mysterious death of the two most popular officers on the force.
22. Due Date
Just before his wife’s due date for pregnancy, Peter somehow becomes a part of the ‘no-fly’ list. He has to drive through the country with a very weird stranger making the journey a whole lot weirder. 
23. Horrible Bosses
Bosses can be demanding. But if you hire someone to ‘mysteriously’ kill them, then know that stuff is going to get real twisted afterwards. 
24. Yes Man 
A guy who goes through a rough divorce and in some weird circumstances starts saying yes to literally anything. 
25. We’re The Millers
A made-up family goes all the way to Mexico to smuggle drugs. The problem arrives when this fake family gets into a lot of trouble on the way. 
26. The Interview
A US TV anchor and his producer score an interview with North Korean dictator Kim Jon-un and the journey after that is something no one can imagine. 
27. Death At A Funeral
A son plans his father’s funeral. But it turns out to be another fiasco when someone else dies at the same funeral. 
28. Zombieland
The only four people alive during a zombie apocalypse have to do anything to remain alive.  
29. Game Night 
When a normal game night with friends turns out to be a real life threatening game, it sure gets dangerous. 
30. Dumb and Dumber 
A dumb limo driver and his dumber friend go on a cross country trip to return a suitcase to a woman who leaves a briefcase at an airport. 
Which one would you want to watch? Let us know in the comments section. 
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