5 new Netflix movies and shows to watch this week (October 10) – Hidden Remote

5 new Netflix movies and shows to watch this week (October 10) – Hidden Remote

BRAZIL – 2022/02/03: In this photo illustration, the Netflix logo seen displayed on a smartphone screen. (Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
My one challenge to everyone on this Monday, dance like no one is watching. Like we do each and every week, we’re sharing all the new Netflix movies and shows debuting beginning the week of Oct. 10, 2022.
Each week, Netflix brings out a plethora of content that can easily make our interface on the app get bogged down with confusion about what is new and what is not. That’s why here at Hidden Remote, we try our best to make it easy to find out what’s new and what should be on your radar each week.
Everyone who knows me knows I am a huge stand-up comedy guy, so the fact that Iliza Shlesigner has a new special coming out makes me excited. Another thing to know about me is I love cooking shows, which has me equally happy to check out the new Easy Bake Battle. I’ll be honest, someone should call me because I want to be on one of these cooking shows.
However, the biggest release of the week is the latest from Ryan Murphy in The Watcher. The Netflix series follows the true story of the Brannock family that movies into their dream home, which turns out to be hell. The series stars Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts as Dean and Nora Brannock, with Terry Kinney, Jennifer Coolidge and Richard Kind in supporting roles. Murphy can be hit and miss, but with this cast, I am excited about this series.
From our suggestions, what will you be watching? Are you excited about the season of The Watcher? Or will you be checking out Easy-Bake Battle with me? Let us know, and let’s hope next week brings us more Netflix additions.
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