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Aaron McGruder’s comedy “Black Jesus” Back!


“Black Jesus” is Back!

After being stranded in limbo since 2015, Aaron McGruder’s religious parody “Black Jesus” is returning to television. Black Jesus season 3 will return to Adult Swim this September and a trailer has been released.

Funniest non-religious religious comedy on television

The saviour himself Slink Johnson will resume his duties as “Black Jesus,” a rendition of the savior who lives in the urban wilderness of cutting edge Compton, CA. Black Jesus and his cloth label gathering of “devotees” get into more shenanigans and misfortunes as they plot the best ways to spread gospel to the ‘hood. Season 1 saw Jesus and the pack start a neighborhood garden in Compton, which developed enchanted cannabis-like tomatoes and a battle for ownership. The dispute eventually led to a benefit concert featuring California legend Coolio- however Jesus eventually wound up in a psych-clinic because, well, anyone who dresses like Jesus and calls himself the son of God usually ends up in a mental ward.
Season 2 saw Black Jesus discharged from the clinic to discover his devotees have strayed from righteousness. His crew delved into things like stripping and light-weight prostitution. Jesus and the posse’s started a food truck to solve financial woes and serve “blessed” fish from a contaminated waterway, after that things really got hairy. The end of Season 2 seemingly tied loose ends and figured to be the end of the series, as did the long hiatus. The final episode featured Jesus and a loose adaptation of ‘A Wonderful Life,’ which depicted Slink Johnson as a common-man who never experienced a life as a child of God.

R.I.P. Charlie Murphy

While the third season of Black Jesus’ will be welcomed by fans, it’ll be bittersweet. One of the show’s primary stars was Charlie Murphy, who shockingly passed away in 2017 after a long battle with leukemia. Murphy played “Vic,” the curmudgeonly proprietor of the apartment building Black Jesus and his devotees lived. Vic was the shows principle antagonist, one can only wonder how that void will be filled.


In addition to losing a vital cast member, the show had opposition from several preachers and parent groups. Religious leaders had serious qualms about the show and sought its demise, we’re sure they’ll return in droves to protest season 3. One group in particular, “One Million Moms” successfully stripped the show of its sponsors. All in all, we think the show is pretty cool. “Black Jesus” seems to be the perfect depiction of a modern-day Jesus in Compton. Guess they haven’t really read the Bible, Jesus was a straight gangsta (albeit doing good).
Besides Murphy, the primary cast remains intact (Corey Holcomb, Kali Hawk, King Bach & Andra Fuller) and we’re sure the crew will continue to create laughs and memorable moments. However, the episode list doesn’t seem to feature John Witherspoon which is a disappointment. Although Loyld’s character was synonymous with Vic, the show’s writers found creative ways to give him life outside of Murphy’s character. We hope he remains a big part of the series and returns to his job at “Dahhh-Bee!”
The first episode airs 9/21 on the Adult Swim Network, check your local listings for showtimes.


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