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Amanda Seales ‘I Be Knowin’ HBO Comedy Special


Amanda Seales drops Comedy And Commentary in New HBO Special

Comedian Amanda Seales (and actress, and singer, and poet and painter), has finally arrived. After nearly a decade of creating laughs and black thought, she’s become officially-official with her soon-to-be released HBO special, the first she’s ever created.

Amanda Seales has been a comedy staple

Perhaps you caught her schooling Caitlyn Jenner during Katy Perry’s “Dinner and Discourse” last year? How about her scene-stealing one-liners on HBO’s “Insecure”? Or her appearance on “Def Poetry Jam”? The stint as an MTV VJ? The guest appearance on Q-Tip’s last album? Opening for the Roots? Delivering that unapologetically black stand-up set on “Late Night With Seth Meyers?” Wherever you’ve seen her, whatever you think of her, we assure you, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

“I Be Knowing” HBO Special

This new special is dope. As Netflix has seemingly cornered the market on great stand-up specials, Amanda Seales’ comedy and commentary reminds us that HBO perfected this comedy ish! Set to premiere January 26, the Insecure actress will tackle a bevy of topics in a way only she can. Titled “I Be Knowin,” Seales touches on being black in corporate America. “If you’re a black person at any office you stay ready because you’re always wondering on a scale of Stacey Dash to Nat Turner, how black am I gon’ have to get!” Seales also hilariously notes how black women celebrate one another. “Black women, we are the masters at compliments. We don’t even say a full sentence. ‘Okay polka dots!’ ” she quips.

What to expect in the New Comedy Special

Seales is a seasoned actress and entertainer who has elevated her career through acting, comedy and her social media posts in which she rants about relationships, social justice, and everything in between, that’s exactly what we found in the new special. The Smart, Funny & Black creator and host also takes a few jabs at those unaware there is more than one National Anthem.  “There are certain people watching this that just found out there’s a Negro National Anthem and that it is not a song from Hamilton,” Seales says in the teaser clip.

“I Be Knowin” premieres on HBO Jan 26.


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