And The Numbers Are In — This List Ranked Multi-Millionaire Kevin Hart As The Most Influential Comedian In The U.S. – AfroTech

And The Numbers Are In — This List Ranked Multi-Millionaire Kevin Hart As The Most Influential Comedian In The U.S. – AfroTech

The year 2011 was a special year for Kevin Hart. This was the moment when he dropped his very first comedy special, “Laugh At My Pain.” Using his personal life as a backdrop to his jokes, Hart quickly captivated the hearts of many with his wit, comedic timing, and relatability.
Since this breakout moment, Hart has had fans in a proverbial chokehold, bringing people joy through laughter with multiple television and movie roles, hosting shows, and a string of comedy specials that only doubled down on his funnyman persona.
One of the ways in which Hart has been able to maintain his status in entertainment has been his keen business savvy. Understanding that comedy and acting are not the only ways to build wealth, he has leveraged his massive $450 million net worth to foster partnerships and build businesses that only pile on to the fortune he’s created.
To date, some of Hart’s investments and partnerships include working with brands like Audible, HUNGRY, Tommy John, Ellis Island Tea, and the Hydro Fitness App.

Another critical way Hart has been able to stay at the forefront of people’s minds is his ability to maximize his presence on social media platforms. Self-proclaimed as a comedic rock star, the “Seriously Funny” comedian has 155 million followers on Instagram. With such a reach, he can share insight into his life, promote the brands and businesses he’s a part of, and inform fans about his latest endeavors like his current tour, “Reality Check.”
The tour proves that his mainstream impact which started in 2011 has residual power. According to Ticketsource, Kevin Hart is currently ranked as the most influential comedian in the United States.
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Ticketsource is a ticket management platform that allows event hosts and promoters to sell and manage bookings and allocations. Recently, the online platform used its ticket-sourcing expertise to look at data surrounding comedy shows.
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The data collected included variables like net worth, Twitter and Instagram followers, plus the number of YouTube views a comedian’s content receives.
Based on the company’s website, the platform used the criteria mentioned above to create a scoring system that ranked comedians based on a scale of ten.
Kevin Hart topped this influential comedian list with a score of 8.8, rising above Chris Rock and Joe Rogan, who tied with a score of 6.92, and Trevor Noah, whose influential score came in at 6.77.
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Other notable comedians that made the top ten influential comedian lists are Dave Chappelle and Steve Harvey.
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