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Byron Allen reveals why his award from LA Urban League is especially personal during inspiring acceptance speech

Byron Allen, founder/chairman/CEO of Entertainment Studios, was honored with the 2019 Whitney M. Young, Jr., Award at the 46th annual Los Angeles Urban League Awards dinner in Hollywood on Thursday night. “We are incredibly grateful to this year’s honorees and extremely proud to have Byron Allenaccept this year’s Whitney M. Young, Jr., Award,” said Michael Lawson, president and CEO of the Los Angeles Urban League. “Byron Allen exemplifies excellence and this award is just a small token recognizing his success as well as our appreciation for his generous support of our mission and our communities.” The founder/chairman, and CEO of Entertainment Studios delivered an inspiring acceptance speech at the dinner attended by several familiar faces including celebrities, activists, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Byron Allen explained that this award was particularly personal because the Los Angeles Urban League helped his mother get her first job when they moved from Detroit to LA in 1968..

Episode 55: Michael Jackson Guilty or

The #dopedealers discuss whether Michael Jackson is the King of Pop or The King Who Pops kids? Tobe & Jamal breakdown this very complex issue about pedophilia and celebrity! Jamal believes MJ

Episode 54: Stacy Hall

On this episode, Tobe Hixx and Jamal Doman (on the phone) welcome comedian Stacy Hall.

Episode 51: A Blackface Story

In this episode Tobe & Jamal breakdown Liam Neeson hunting black men, 21 Savage being British, Bow Wow getting beat up, and White men in Blackface. Jamal & Tobe also tell us they both called

Episode 50: The Vegan Plant Based Life

In our 50th episode, we explore the dynamics of eating a vegan (Plant Based) lifestyle with experts Arayna Eison (@araynaeison) & Nelson Tynes (@nelsons_raw)! What’s the difference between

Top 6 Comedy Clubs for Urban Comics

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NYE in the NYC, Fun Fam Value Time – OTT 153

On this episode of the Tambourine podcast, Dwayne goes “OFF THE TOP” on: Mama Radio Raheem skills ; Enjoy the Off Grind ; Money for My Time! ; Aliens in the Sky Field ; Lil’ Syrup the Wayne ; WATCH *** TAKE NOTE *** on Starz ; Lyric of the Day from Main Source’s Looking…

Comedy is Dying. . . . they say

There’s three ways to tackle a complicated subject; Walk away. Yup, just admit inferiority and move on from the conversation.  OR, you can go in-depth with facts, figures, dates and points of reference. OR, you can lean on the words of others, which is our choice for today. We’re taking the easy way out because [...]

Amanda Seales

Amanda Seales Amanda Seales (born July 1, 1981), formerly known by her stage name Amanda Diva, is an American comedian, actress, disc jockey (DJ), recording artist, actress and radio personality. Aside from her solo career, she was also a touring member of the musical group Floetry.  Amanda’s creative outlets span across the arts. As a child, growing up in [...]