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EP 36: Quarantine & Chill (Part 2- Soapboxx Nation Live!)

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! Host T.J. Legacy in a two part episode talks with the family during the Coronavirus pandemic. The #SoapboxxNation joins him live on social media to discuss the latest trending topics (Mayor Andrew Gillum hotel incident, Black Business, Death penalty cases, local politics, DJ Nice Instagram Live [...]

Ep 96: Slick Rick Izquieta

Veteran Comedian Rick Izquieta joins the Dope Dealers to discuss his career, being left in Phoenix by the club Headliner, playing American football in Mexico, being neighbors with Bob Marleys

#DeletedJokes : Google it | Standup Comedy

#DeletedJokes : Google it | Standup Comedy Some deleted standup from my new standup on WhatsApp. Come see a live show: sorabhpant.com Please view more from Sorabh Pant on YouTube

EP 17: Oh I’m Telling!

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! *SPECIAL EDITION* Host T.J. Legacy and Jon Boy Fresh sit down for a special episode of The Soapboxx podcast to testify on the latest hot topic Tekashi 69 snitching in the courtroom. The fellas also drop some life gems and give some advice on being the [...]

EP 15: Sittin’ Alone at The Table

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! Here on The Soapboxx podcast, the Family (T.J. Legacy, Robin The Heart, Allen York, Jess A. &Jon Boy Fresh) are highly opinionated. Sometimes those opinions leave us “Sittin Alone at The Table”. So whether is who has the best fast food chicken sandwich? Is the recently [...]

Episode 77: I Just Wanna See My Kids

In this powerful episode Comedian/Actor Evan Lionel joins the #dopedealers to discuss not being able to see his 3 kids in 7 years after a nasty divorce from his wife who turned judges and lawyers


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Ep 69: The Dixon Man

On this episode, the homie @garrickdixon stops by to talk about creating The Dixon Man hair care line, being a member of The Funny Barbers, and why he is taking a break from stand up comedy! Garrick

Juggling Hosts

Will is in, then out. Jason might be in, then he’s out. In for the long haul are Cale Evans and Jacob Brayton from QCPN’s Podcast From Hell and The Queen City Comedy Experience to talk about their podcast, the comedy festival in September, and the secret to good improv.

The Great Charlotte Comedy Kerfuffle

Someone ignited a bit of a kerfuffle in the Charlotte Comedy Scene. In this episode, three people who have nothing to do with the controversy talk about it at length, plus we name Will’s next podcast.