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Ep 118: The Fall of the Redskins &

On this episode, we discuss the Washington Football Team monumental offseason from hiring Ron Rivera, team sexual harassment allegations, changing the team name, and hiring the first Black Team

Houston Riot of 1917 The mutiny and riot of the 24th Infantry #OneMichistory

Houston Riot of 1917 occurred on 23 August 1917. It was a mutiny and riot by 156 soldiers of the 3rd Battalion of the all-black 24th United States Infantry Regiment. The riot occurred after members of the Houston Police Department harassed members of the local black community and the black soldiers who attempted to intervene [...]

Ep 113: Get 2 Know Thomas Ward

Veteran Detroit Comedian Thomas Ward joins the podcast to discuss racism making a 4th quarter comeback over Covid. We also discuss the Black Lives Matter movement and why Thomas is still supporting

EP 53: Orlando-State of Activism Address

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! Host T.J. Legacy sits down with activists and community leaders to discuss the State of Activism in Orlando, FL. The panel addresses the misconceptions about the modern day Civil Rights movement and police reform solutions. Panelist(s): Activist Lawanna Gelzer 32805 Editor in Chief David Porter Political [...]

EP 46: Pull Up

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! With so many trending stories this week via social media and in the news, The Soapboxx podcast family decided to “Pull Up” to address a few. Topics: -Unpopular Opinion: Should the NBA cancel the rest of the season? -Karen Rage/ #BoycottFEDEX, talking deadly cost of White [...]

Ep 107: Socially Distancing

On this episode the #dopedealers discuss how they have been handling the current crisis and why they won’t be coming out as soon as the country opens back up. Also Anna Jean joins to show to

EP 43: Phantom Menace

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! Beware the Phantom Menace, you never know who is watching, listening, or lurking around. Host T.J. Legacy finds out the hard way with this week’s “Unpopular Opinion”. The Soapboxx Family discuss whether or not Beyonce is just an above average singer? Will Joe Biden’s past haunt [...]

Ep 103: Your Favorite

Veteran Comedian Turae finally joins the #dopedealers to discuss his career, coping with depression, and deciding on sobriety. A true OG in da game, Turae gives us insight into birthing The

EP 33: Slightly Problematic with Comedian KevOnStage

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! Check out host T.J. Legacy’s exclusive backstage interview with Comedian KevOnStage before took to the stage to headlined at the Orlando Improv for his Slightly Problematic Tour. We discuss his thoughts on finding the faith in his funny, internet cancel culture, and why we are all [...]

Ep 100: Happy 100th Episode Boys &

The #dopedealers celebrate their 100th episode the only way they know how. DOPE! Celebrities Michael Blackson, Guy Torry, Torrie Hart, & Pierre call into the show to show us love. We also get