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EP 50: Hide And Go Seek

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! In the wake of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery racial tensions are on an all time high. The Soapboxx Family discusses the recent fallout and how we all seem to be playing “Hide and Go Seek” with racists. We also reminisce on [...]

EP 49: Fake Apology Tours

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! In the Aftermath of George Floyd’s murder and civil unrest in America athletes, politicians, and celebrities can’t seem to stop putting their foot in their mouths. From Saints QB Drew Brees, Rapper Trina, DojaCat & more almost immediately after these offensive statements are made the public [...]

EP 44: The Movement (Part One- The Call) with Attorney Natalie Jackson

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! The Soapboxx Podcast family have a discussion with former Trayvon Martin Family Attorney Natalie Jackson on social justice in the modern civil rights movement. We talk about the recent murder of Ahmaud Arbery’ by two suspected white supremacists. Joe Biden makes a call for justice & [...]

EP 42: Draft Day (Negro Hunger Games)

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! Notorious BIG once said either you have a wicked jump shot or sling crack rocks. Dreams of being a professional athlete, escaping poverty, or getting to the next level in your profession is one Draft Day away. Question is will you be ready and who’s coming [...]

49: Would you commit a crime for your spouse?

Live Episode about committing a crime for your spouse? if your significant other asked you commit a crime for them, what would you do? Would you do it or turn them in? How far would you be willing to go for your spouse or child? Would you murder someone for them if they asked you [...]

EP 40: We Miss Sports! with ESPN 580 Orlando Sam Albuquerque & XFL DC Defender Tavaris Barnes

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! The Covid-19 & countless days spent in quarantine have The Soapboxx Podcast family missing the world of sports. Special guest ESPN 580AM Orlando Sam Albuquerque joins the family to breakdown the latest stories in sports. Will Antonio Brown ever play in the NFL? Who is going [...]

48: Could You Marry a Porn Star?

Live Episode about getting can your friends date your ex? if your friend asked you to date your ex, would you care? what would be a situation where you would this would be ok or not ok? Also we discuss could you marry a porn star? does body count matter? do you want to know [...]

EP 38: Purpose & Pandemic with Bishop Talbert Swan

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! We are still on lockdown due to COVID-19 across the country. The Soapboxx Family sits down with our special guest Bishop Talbert Swan to talk finding purpose in the pandemic. Bishop Swan discusses the state of the Black Church and growing disconnect with the modern day [...]

Crave Original Stand-Up | Aisha Brown: The First Black Woman Ever

Aisha Brown: The First Black Woman Ever, a Crave Original Stand-Up Special is now streaming only on Crave. Watch Now: https://www.crave.ca/en#/special/46857 Subscribe Now: http://www.crave.ca/en/subscribe Crave Facebook: www.facebook.com/cravecanada­/ Twitter: @CraveCanada Instagram: @CraveCanada Check out more videos from Crave on YouTube

BONUS: The Rumble with T.J. Legacy & Comedian Evan Berke

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! The Road to WrestleMania starts in Houston, TX at the Royal Rumble. Host T.J. Legacy and Comedian Evan Berke preview all the matches on the card. There are so many questions to be answered this Sunday. Who will win the 2020 Men’s & Women’s Royal Rumble [...]