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Episode 52: NBA Mid-season Report

Special Guest Cory “Showtime” Robinson joins the #dopedealers to breakdown the first half of the NBA season! We give out our NBA mid year awards! Whose our MVP so far? Whose our Rookie of the

New host segments; Vintage Carlos Mencia Interview

Two all new host segments, and a vintage interview with Carlos Mencia!

#17: Parting Wisdom

In this season finale, legendary comedian D.L. Hughley has a message for white people’s imaginations, Yrsa Daley-Ward inspires poetry, and Michelle learns about herself. Plus, Rob saves his best story for last.

#15: So Much Gravy

Michelle wonders what Justin Trudeau is listening to this summer and learns to deal with Twitter trolls with Julie Goldman and Franchesca Ramsey. Plus, Rob says yes to BDE!

‘Daddy Issues Expert’ With Amber Rollo – The Unofficial Expert

– Marie almost gets murdered and Syd learns that bus drivers don’t give a damn about her anemic ass. What are Daddy issues? do they turn you into a stripper? or a happily engaged woman? Do they make you date older men…and then cheat on his scary ass? Amber Rollo is our Daddy Issues Expert […]

GUEST: John Henton

Guest co-host Jason Allen King is joined by comedian John Henton who tells the story of his experience on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and about what’s he’s learned in in 30 years of performing.

‘Travel Expert’ With Bowen Yang – The Unofficial Expert

comedyhype.com – What country in the world has the best food? What airline has the hottest flight attendants? what’s the cheapest day to book a plane ticket?? We literally have no idea but we DID learn how someone can accidentally do Crystal Meth…on a first date. Bowen Yang from our favorite podcast: Las Culturistas, is […]

Oh, That Dick Don’t Count – The Unofficial Expert

– Sydnee meets her favs and fangirls OUT…Marie is not amused, but she was high AF. Lets talk about sex, which dicks in your past, don’t count? were you in Vegas? doesn’t count. Where you at a destination wedding? doesn’t count. He didn’t have abs?? sis, That. Doesn’t. Count. Where are our DJ listeners at? […]

‘Our Friend Expert’ With Alex English – The Unofficial Expert

– Have you ever gotten your toes sucked? Would you forgive a man for stalking you, if he bought you a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich?? Can you really buy a house in Detroit for $12??? Alex English is ‘Our Friend’ Expert because he’s actually OUR FRIEND. We have a late night convo on Marie’s […]