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BlackStage: Aston Wallace – Russell Simmons, Apocalypse, Kanye

The hilarious Aston Wallace stopped by the Blackstage studio and we talked about Jheri curl juice, black movies, Russell Simmons, digital, the desert, the apocalypse, the coastal collapse, Trump being Racist , Impeachment, Pete “Booty Itch”, Helen Miren is sexy, Kanye’s new album, & so much more. Super funny episode as always, Please follow Aston…

BlackStage: Art Hernandez – Mushroom Freak Outs, Jobs, And A Son

Funny man Art Hernandez came by the Black Stage Studio and we talked about Bradlys’s hair, our favorite drugs, mushroom freakouts, Art’s jobs, how he found out he had a son, and so much more. Really great interview, please follow Art @artofhernandez. Follow Us! Greg Edwards Twitter: @gregthegrouch Instagram: @gregcomedy GregComedy.com Bradlys Philoctete Facebook: Bradlys…

BlackStage: Rob Smallwood – Baltimore, The NFL, Parking Lot Bradlys

The hilarious comedian Rob Smallwood stopped by the blackstage studio and we talked about Baltimore real estate, Rob’s job as a graphic designer, Bradlys parking situations, Jay-Z, the NFL, comedy, what’s motivating Rob, and so much more. Make sure you follow Rob Smallwood @robby_smalls on Instagram & Twitter Follow Us! Greg Edwards Twitter: @gregthegrouch Instagram:…

BlackStage: Bradlys & Greg – Disneyland, Everything Changing, and Dolemite

Greg & Bradlys get together for another episode of Blackstage. Greg shits on Disneyland and Disney lovers. Then the two discuss famous directors critisizing Marvel, things changing, Hitler, Beto leaving the presidential race, the DMV, and so much more. Follow Us! Greg Edwards Twitter: @gregthegrouch Instagram: @gregcomedy GregComedy.com Bradlys Philoctete Facebook: Bradlys Philoctete Instagram: @classicbradlys…

BlackStage: Greg & Bradlys – 5-Percenters, Fight Anybody, and No Friends in LA

The fellas are back in the studio with a solo session of Blackstage. We talked about 5-Percenters, Edward Snowden, Facebook, Greg fighting people, old comedians, and so much more. It was a fun episode, as always. Please be sure to comment and subscribe! Follow Us! Greg Edwards Twitter: @gregthegrouch Instagram: @gregcomedy GregComedy.com Bradlys Philoctete Facebook:…

BlackStage: Julia Loken & Lisa Chanoux – Tipping, Hate, and the What’s Your Sign Podcast

Julia and Lisa came by the Blackstage Podcast Studio. We talked about tipping, lyft driving, hearing other people sing, nettie pots, DTLA, donuts, and so much more. Please follow Lisa and Julia and check out their podcast! Follow Us! Twitter Julia and Liza @chatt Lisa Chanoux @asilnoux Julia Loken @julialoken Greg Edwards @gregthegrouch Bradlys Philoctete…

BlackStage: Rick Wood – Police Brutality, Pissing, and China

The Hilarious Rick Wood visited the podcast again! We had a great hug to welcome him back and began the session. We talked about guns, World War I, chicken bbq, police brutality. Ellen, China, and so much more. It was a great episode to record, as always. Please follow @RickW00d on twitter & Instagram Follow…

BlackStage: Leah Kayajanian – The Pallavi Episode, A Whole Person, and Babies

The hilarious Leah Kayajanian dropped by the Blackstage studio. We talked about fake comedy names, young rappers, social security numbers, the impeachment, cars, The Pallavi Blackstage episode, movies we need to watch, life with a new born, and so much more. Follow Us! Greg Edwards Twitter: @gregthegrouch Instagram: @gregcomedy GregComedy.com Bradlys Philoctete Facebook: Bradlys Philoctete…

Ep 85: Should college players get PAID?

In this episode Tobe & Jamal discuss the recent California “pay for play” bill that allows California college athletes to make money off their likeness and image. Is it time for all college

BlackStage: JB Ball – Rap, Basketball, and Saying “My Bad”

JB Ball the Florida Comic and Brad Williams Opener stopped by the Blackstage Studio last week. We started off with a deep and LONG conversation about hip hop and rap. Then we talked about JB’s favorite comics, his experience starting off at open mics in Tampa, FL, and his time playing college basketball. To finish,…