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BlackStage: Rick Wood – Police Brutality, Pissing, and China

The Hilarious Rick Wood visited the podcast again! We had a great hug to welcome him back and began the session. We talked about guns, World War I, chicken bbq, police brutality. Ellen, China, and so much more. It was a great episode to record, as always. Please follow @RickW00d on twitter & Instagram Follow…

BlackStage: Leah Kayajanian – The Pallavi Episode, A Whole Person, and Babies

The hilarious Leah Kayajanian dropped by the Blackstage studio. We talked about fake comedy names, young rappers, social security numbers, the impeachment, cars, The Pallavi Blackstage episode, movies we need to watch, life with a new born, and so much more. Follow Us! Greg Edwards Twitter: @gregthegrouch Instagram: @gregcomedy GregComedy.com Bradlys Philoctete Facebook: Bradlys Philoctete…

Ep 85: Should college players get PAID?

In this episode Tobe & Jamal discuss the recent California “pay for play” bill that allows California college athletes to make money off their likeness and image. Is it time for all college

BlackStage: JB Ball – Rap, Basketball, and Saying “My Bad”

JB Ball the Florida Comic and Brad Williams Opener stopped by the Blackstage Studio last week. We started off with a deep and LONG conversation about hip hop and rap. Then we talked about JB’s favorite comics, his experience starting off at open mics in Tampa, FL, and his time playing college basketball. To finish,…

BlackStage: Brodie Reed – White Women Food, Gillis, Dave Chapelle and Bill Burr

Brodie Reed stopped by the Blackstage podcast studio this week. He is the first repeat guest we have had so far! We talked about different foods white women have introduced us to as well as dating ages, Brodie’s movie, $1600, Shane Gillis, Dave Chappelle’s Netflix Special, and Bill Burr’s Netflix Special. It was a great…

BlackStage: Greg & Bradlys –The 90’s, Chapelle, Burr, and Conspiracy Theories

The fellas are back with a solo podcast. Bradlys & Greg shit talk. We discuss Bradlys’ new haircut, Chapelle, Burr, and football and conspiracy theories. It was a great session as always. Thank you for listening and please continue to support the Blackstage podcast. Follow Us! Greg Edwards Twitter: @gregthegrouch Instagram: @gregcomedy GregComedy.com Bradlys Philoctete…

BlackStage: Niles Abston – Kevin Hart, New York, and Planet Blak

The hilarious comedian, Niles Abston, stopped by the Blackstage studio. We talked about so much including Instagram, our favorite lesbian, New York, the Cardi B movie, Bad Boy 3, and Niles’ brilliant new cartoon Planet Blak! Please follow Niles @niles100 on twitter and support his cartoon by contributing to his Patreon (Patreon.com/planetblak)! Follow Us! Niles…

Ep 80: Boogie B. & The Popeyes

New Orleans Comedian Boogie B. joins the #dopedealers to talk about his career, leaving New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, creating his “Let Me Stress You Out” IG rants, and of course the

BlackStage: Zed Cutsinger – Kids are Fucking, Africa, and Dave Chapelle

Comedian, improver, and podcaster Zed Cutsinger stopped by the podcast studio this week. We talked about games, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Tarantino’s theater, China, Africa, staying neutral, the new Dave Chapelle special, and so much more. Please follow Zed on all social media! Follow Us! Zed Cutsinger @zedcutsinger Greg Edwards Twitter: @gregthegrouch Instagram:…

Ep 79: JayZ – Sellout or Shrewd

In this provocative episode the #dopedealers breakdown the JayZ/NFL partnership deal and it’s backlash. Comedians Dannon Green, Lawrence Owens, & Daunte Burks call into the show to give their