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BlackStage: Bradlys & Greg – 4th of July, Earthquakes, and Ugly Babies

The fellas get together without a guest on the 4th of July and talk about all the earthquakes in LA, how the mic scene is drying up, rats and roaches, and so much more. Hilarious episode, check it out. Follow Us! Greg Edwards Twitter: @gregthegrouch Instagram: @gregcomedy GregComedy.com Bradlys Philoctete Facebook: Bradlys Philoctete Instagram: @classicbradlys…

Episode 72: All Hail The G. King

Rising Bay Area comedian G. King joins the #dopedealers to discuss getting his start in Northern California, moving 2 LA, Mac Dre legacy, and making his debut on Comedy Central’s “Hart Of The

BlackStage: Rick Wood – Relationships, Cologne, and Doppelgänger

The hilarious Rick Wood stops by the Blackstage podcast, and we talk about relationships, growing up in Virginia, what Rick is currently working on, and so much more! Hilarious episode, as always. Please follow Rick Wood @RickW00d on Twitter and Instagram. Follow Us! Rick Wood Twitter: @RickW00d Instagram: @RickW00d Greg Edwards Twitter: @gregthegrouch Instagram: @gregcomedy…

Episode 71: Alfred Robles

Mexican American Comedian Alfred Robles joins the #dopedealers to discuss his career, growing up in East LA, touring with “Fluffy”, cutting sugar from his diet, and having a Mexican Heavyweight

BlackStage: Devan Costa – NBA, Gentrification, and Hating & Loving Comedy

The hilarious Devan Costa drops by the Blackstage podcast. We talk basketball, Devan growing up in Echo Park, and how much his neighborhood is changing. Then, we talk and bitch about the ups and downs of comedy. Please follow Devan on all social media @devancosta, and make sure to watch his hilarious videos. Follow Us!…

Setting the Record Straight

Charlotte comedian Johnny Millwater joins Will and Jason plus comedian Ray Money to explain the Great Charlotte Comedy Kerfuffle, and the aftermath.

BlackStage: Kirzia Steele – Dictators, Money, and Living All Over LA)

The hilarious Kirzia Steele drops by the Blackstage podcast, and shit gets ridiculous. We talk about dictators, what we should invest our money in, and whether or not money is even real. We also dig into Kirzia’s LA origin story, how many places she’s lived in LA, her recent trip all over Asia, and what’s…

BlackStage: Bradlys & Greg – Anthony Joshua, Jay & Bey, and Fashion

Brad is back in the studio, and the duo is reunited! We talk about non-meat burgers, Anthony Joshua, Beyonce and Jay-Z, fashion, and therapy. Funny episode with the guys finally back together, catching up on current events. Check it out, and like, share, and subscribe! Follow Us! Greg Edwards Twitter: @gregthegrouch Instagram: @gregcomedy GregComedy.com Bradlys…

BlackStage: Yusef Roach – Oregon Dreams, Travel Writer, and Quitting Comedy

The hilarious Yusef Roach stops by the Blackstage studio! We talk about growing up in the Virgin Islands, his dream of marrying rich and living in Bend, Oregon, and quitting comedy altogether. We had a good time talking comedy and the frustrations that come with it. Follow Yusef @yusefroach, and if you would like to…

BlackStage: Kevin Avery – Katt Williams, R&B Groups, and Writing Jobs

Two-time Emmy award winner, head writer of the wildly popular “New Negroes” on Comedy Central, good friend, and hilarious comedian Kevin Avery stops by the studio. He drops a hilarious Katt Williams story, talks about his old R&B group, shares tips on getting a writing job, and so much more. Make sure you follow Kevin…