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Bathing with Dish Detergent w/ DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller and Chico Bean

Chico Bean returns to the trap bringing the laughs and talking about everything in the world with DC Young Fly and Karlous Miller. The coldest podcast takes a

EP 51: The Call To Serve with Congresswoman Val Demings (D – FL)

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! Congresswoman Val Demings, (D-FL), has emerged as one of the contenders on Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden’s shortlist of possible vice presidential nominees. Congresswoman Demings joined journalist and host T.J. Legacy live, for an uncensored and unscripted conversation about the Black Lives Matter movement, racism, police [...]

Eighty Vibe Season Finale – DC Young Fly

This episode features Atlanta artist DC Young Fly performing his hit tracks, 24 Hrs,’ and ‘On My Own’ and “Parasail” live with J.O.N and the band backing

Live At The Casino – The Late Show! DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller and Chico Bean

Grab some merch! https://85apparelco.com Dc Young Fly, Karlous Miller and Chico Bean deliver a legendary performance in the second of two sold out shows in

Ep 110: The Revolution Will Be Televised

On this episode #dopedealers Tobe & Jamal discuss the protests that have been sweeping our country and the impact it will have for our future. We also pay our respects to George Floyd, Breonna

#278: “Headlines”

1- Long week 2- Boogaloo boys are doing CrossFit with Meghan McCain for Trump. That’s the first 5. 3- Fox News is still Fox News 4- Sports accusations,

#277: Our First Week Open

1- Murder, riots, shootings at the beach… it’s only been a week. 2- George Floyd murder, after Aubrey murder after, Taylor murder… Can’t keep up. 3-

#276: God Gave You A Brain. It’s Okay

1- Dog whistles, I mean, racist signals everywhere 2- He ain’t bright 3- Obama congratulates graduates 4- Does he stay or does he go now? 5- Religion vs

Boosie for father of the year. Discuss Boosie and his Son #thecut_podcast EP:54

We have a short discussion about Boosie getting a hooker for his 12 year old son, Also we discuss what type of lasting affect this would have on his son. What if his son asked Boosie to help him with this? Why boosie is an awful parent. Full Episode: Check out our links -Audio: https://link.chtbl.com/ZToTHp16 [...]

Eighty Vibe Season Premiere – Trouble

Eighty Five South Media presents a whole new show called Eighty vibe. It’s a jam session for artists to express themselves through written verses, freestyles,