‘Basketball Wives’ Star wonders why Luenell has beef

‘Basketball Wives’ Star wonders why Luenell has beef

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We don’t want to call it “hate,” but when the shoe fits. . .

Former “Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman recently expressed disappointment in Luenell for bashing online comedians as leeches who take opportunities from long-time comics. Well, she didn’t use the word ‘leech’ but you get the idea.

“I am gonna go on record as saying a person who I really admired and respected, she came for myself and, Luenell.” Roman explains on the television show Sister Circle Live. “She doesn’t like, I guess the fact that — she calls us ‘the reality people’ — are segueing into comedy. There’s a lane for everybody, which is why I don’t call myself a comedian. I just get up there and tell great stories and hopefully people laugh and think they’re funny.” Roman rose to fame on the second season of MTV’s “The Real World” before stepping back into the reality show spotlight as a cast member on Vh1’s “Basketball Wives” in 2010. Currently on the L.A. spin-off, Roman has parlayed her fame into her viral Instagram segment, “Bonnet Chronicles.” The short clips feature Roman comically delivering commentary on pop culture events as well as offering inspirational prayers.

Tami was referring to a comment made by Lunell on “The Breakfast Club” radio show. “It bothers me” Luenell admitted. “People buying houses and they’ve been on YouTube for three years.”

Well, we at TSF have respect and love for Luenell, but come on momma, let the youngsters eat. You and so many others paved the way for comics to shine, let them bask in the glory you helped to create. Let them get paid! If someone can make a buck, let them! Besides, fly-by-night ‘comics’ don’t last long and they’re usually horrible stand-ups.

A recent social media poster said it best:

“There’s definitely a difference between a funny person & a comedian. Luenell, you’re the comedian! You’re the one who can sell out theaters & put on a great stand-up set! Stand-up is a completely different world & it takes a very skilled comedian to be successful at it, so don’t let the IG era get you down.”

The comedy world has to loosen its collar and accept the new normal in the world of entertainment. Yes, there was a time when comics toiled on the road for years, for pennies, paying dues and perfecting their craft, but that’s no longer the only way to ‘get on.’ It’s shameful to hate on someone for taking the expressway to success. But we digress.

We love Luenell and understand her point, but sometimes you gotta roll with the punches. Social media comics may not be around in 5 or 10 years, but they’re here now and the powers that be are cutting checks.


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