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From Donald Glover’s Weirdo to Bo Burnham’s Inside, here are the best comedy specials on Netflix you can watch right now.
Ever since Netflix launched, the streaming platform has evolved into a major player in Hollywood. According to Forbes, Netflix is the top streaming platform for content and subscribers. Between a collection of original movies and critically acclaimed original series, there's something for everyone. On top of that, Netflix also offers subscribers the ability to rewatch their favorite movies and TV series.
Netflix also has hosted some of the best and funniest comedians over the years, including some which are shrouded in controversy. With the sheer amount available it can be difficult to pick out the best one to watch. This list looks to solving that problem, as we have counted down the best of the best for you to watch. Here are the best comedy specials on Netflix you can watch right now.
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British-Malaysian comedian Phil Wang has been a staple of the British comedy scene for a long time, but in Philly Philly Wang Wang, his comedy style is defined and brilliant. Exploring topics such as race, romance, and his heritage, Wang takes the audience on a journey that is packed full of laughs. This comedy special is truly one of the best on Netflix, and isn’t afraid to cover personal topics to sacrifice direct relatability. It is perhaps the intimacy that makes this special so brilliant.
Nate: A One-Man Show is not a typical stand-up special, mostly because the comedian at the heart of it, Natalie Palamides, is playing the character of Nate, a macho tough guy. The special covers gender, consent, and more, all from the lens of a man who (in real life, anyway) would be likely to have outdated views on the topic. That is what makes this special so enjoyable: it makes fun of the exact kind of men who have dominated the stand-up comedy scene for too long, and turns it on its head by having a woman play the role. Palamides provides a unique take on stand-up comedy, and should be on your watch list.
Acaster’s Repertoire is a serialized stand-up comedy special by the beloved British comedian. There are four parts to it: "Recognize," "Represent," "Reset," and "Recap," and each one is hilarious. "Recognize" is tied together by a bit about his dream of being an undercover cop, but it also covers topics such as divorce and Acaster’s love of loopholes. "Represent" covers religion and jury duty, as Acaster destroys the stage. "Reset" involves the intricacies and complications of British life, before "Recap" ties together the best bits from the previous three parts, and adds a new twist. Repertoire is a brilliant, dry comedy special, and the serialization makes it incredibly unique and interesting.
Bo Burnham is known for his musical comedy, and there's plenty of that in this special. With songs like "Straight White Man" and "Country Song," he tackles topics both major and minor in a funny way, and he is very clearly not afraid to laugh at himself. But, it is moments like "Can’t Handle This" that make this special so brilliant: Burnham begins telling a story about how he wishes he could reach the bottom of a Pringle can, and turns it into an extended metaphor about his career and how anxiety has affected his ability to do his job. The special ends on "Are You Happy?", a beautiful and short song, filmed away from the stage and the crowd, in which Burnham asks the audience if they are, well, happy. Make Happy is deep and thought-provoking while having its fair share of ridiculousness, which makes it a must-watch.
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Donald Glover is truly a jack of all trades. He is most well known for his music career as Childish Gambino, but he also starred in the cult classic sitcom Community. And, at the height of his Community fame, he released this stand-up special, Weirdo. In Weirdo, Glover showcases his youthful and fun storytelling skills as he recounts details of his childhood, including his love for Toys R Us. He is also unafraid to tackle more serious issues such as racism and trying to fit in. Weirdo is a fantastic insight into the mind of Donald Glover and for that reason, it deserves its place on this list.
John Mulaney is one of the modern comedy greats. He has several Netflix specials (including the wild and wacky John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch), but Kid Gorgeous is the best of his. In this special, filmed at the iconic New York venue, Radio City, Mulaney tells stories about fame and SNL with enough charm to make an audience feel that they relate to him. Stand out moments include a bit wherein Donald Trump is compared to a horse loose in a hospital and the recounting of his childhood encounter with J.J. Bittenbinder and the stranger danger teachings. Kid Gorgeous is packed to the brim with observational, witty humor, and should be on your watch list.
Bo Burnham’s newest comedy special Inside was written and produced during the Coronavirus lock-downs that dominated 2020 and 2021. It is not like a standard comedy special; there is no stage and no audience. But still, it is the best comedy special on Netflix right now without question, and it captures a very complicated experience of struggling in your personal life during a time when everyone was struggling. The songs are extremely catchy to boot. Burnham released the soundtrack album after the special debuted on Netflix, and it still dominates TikTok and other social media platforms. All in all, Bo Burnham’s Inside is a must-watch — it will make you think just as much as it’ll make you laugh.


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