Bradley Cooper's Best Comedy Movies, Ranked – MovieWeb

Bradley Cooper's Best Comedy Movies, Ranked – MovieWeb

Although Bradley Cooper is widely recognized as a great dramatic actor, he has several comedic roles under his belt. Let’s look at his best ones.
When it comes to entertainment, Bradley Cooper can do it all. He is one of the greatest actors currently working, and his career has spanned across several genres. At the same time, Cooper proved, with his remake of A Star is Born, that he is also a very talented filmmaker. What's more, Cooper has also been a prominent producer for some time; he served as a producer for Joker, War Dogs, and, most recently, Nightmare Alley. Cooper is not afraid to take smaller roles, and he proved with Licorice Pizza, that he is an absolute scene-stealer with every film that he takes on. Licorice Pizza, as well as many of his other films, have shown us that Cooper is a fantastic comedic actor.
Cooper was born in Abington Township, just outside Philadelphia, and he had a love for acting from a very young age. Cooper graduated from Georgetown University and made his television debut in the series, Sex and the City. His first major film role was a comedic performance in Wet Hot American Summer, in which he acted opposite prolific SNL alum Amy Poehler. From there, he landed a role on the hit series Alias opposite Jennifer Garner. Since then, Cooper has become an A-list actor with four Oscar-nominated performances under his belt. Much of Cooper's success must be attributed to his early comedic performances in some classic films. Let's take a look at his best comedy movies, ranked.
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Dax Shepard co-directed and wrote this action comedy film starring Kristen Bell and Bradley Cooper, as well as Shepard himself. Hit and Run follows Charlie Bronson (Shepard) who joins the Witness Protection Program with his girlfriend to escape the wrath of a mobster. Cooper plays the antagonist in this adrenaline-fueled comedy. The film has action, car chases, and many laughs from beginning to end. Although it may not be Cooper's best film of his career, it is a lot of fun and offers several comedic moments and hard-hitting action along the way.
This romantic comedy follows a group of adults as they navigate the difficult world of dating and relationships. He's Just Not That Into You features an A-list cast that includes Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, and many more. Bradley Cooper plays a man who is unhappy with his marriage and decides to have an affair with a woman played by Scarlett Johansson. The film has a terrific script filled with laughs and romance. The ensemble cast is top-notch, making this a classic romantic comedy. Anybody who is a victim to the current dating world will certainly appreciate this film.
Jim Carrey takes the lead in this comedy following Carl, a negative, depressed man who becomes incapable of saying "no" to anything. Yes Man offered a very interesting premise, and Carrey's physicality and comedic timing hits the mark, once again. It may not be Carrey's best film of his career, but it is a great comedy movie for a Saturday night. Bradley Cooper plays Carl's best friend who is determined to get him to socialize and find happiness. The film has a great cast that also features Zooey Deschanel and John Michael Higgins.
Bradley Cooper's first major role was in the raunchy comedy Wet Hot American Summer. Cooper, along with Amy Poehler, play eccentric camp counselors who take their jobs as theater directors way too seriously. The chemistry between Poehler and Cooper is fantastic, and they are brilliant in every scene. The film is hilarious from start to finish and has since become a cult classic. All the dynamic actors, including Paul Rudd and Michael Showalter, bring something to the table. Netflix recently released a spin-off series featuring original and new cast members.
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Bradley Cooper was an absolute scene-stealer in Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film Licorice Pizza. Cooper played the role of film producer John Peters, and was absolutely terrific and hilarious for every minute that he was on-screen. The film, as a whole, is an endearing coming-of-age romance story featuring fantastic performances across the board. Cooper earned a SAG Award nomination for his supporting performance. With little screen time — only seven minutes, in fact, according to Variety — Cooper managed to create a memorable, and somewhat crazy, interpretation of Peters.
The Hangover movies have become iconic in the comedy genre and one of the best comedy movie trilogies of all time. The first film is considered by many to be the best of the three, giving its audience several memorable lines that are still quoted today. The story follows a group of friends who go on a quest to find their friend after a night of hard partying. The sequel takes place in Bangkok, Thailand, and the third film ties the trilogy together in epic fashion. Cooper plays Phill, opposite Zach Galigianakis and Ed Helms, in this memorable trilogy of booze-filled benders.
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