Brian “B-Cov” Covington

Brian “B-Cov” Covington

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Brian “B-Cov” Covington is NOT controversial, but he’s funny as hell and part of a new phenomenon in comedy, features who are as funny, if not funnier than the headliner. Yup, we said it. It’s happening more and more, in every corner of the country. As we sit in the dark corners of comedy clubs from L.A. to Maine, we’ve found young, relatively unknown comedians hold their own and deliver memorable sets. Brian “B-Cov” Covington is the latest to catch our eye. But he did it right. This Nashville native has honed his craft to become on of the best kept secrets in comedy. A secret was glad to uncover a few weeks ago.

We prepared for the worst when he began, “getting older is. . .” How many times have we heard that one? But then something magical happened, he changed it up. He delivered more than we expected, from an angle we hadn’t heard. Brian invited the audience into his life and it felt, real. Imagine that, real comedy. The audience was engaged, eagerly awaiting his next quip and he delivered laugh after laugh.

Watching B-Cov rock the mic was like seeing a new comic on Def Jam, in the 199o’s. Remember that? Seeing someone you never heard of and hearing something you never heard before, awesome wasn’t it. Well, that’s what we saw in Brian Covington.

Brian was polished and confident, but he wasn’t arrogant about it. The 18 minutes he held the stage were easy and unforced. He didn’t “out-funny” the wildly popular headliner, but he could have. B-Cov could-have pushed the crowd passed ‘warm’ and set the diverse crowd of 40-somethings into a frenzy, but he didn’t. He created laughs, then pulled back. Though he had more, he did exactly what he was asked to do. He didn’t try to make a name for himself that night, he didn’t show-up the headliner. He did the right thing because Brian Covington is SO Funny, but he’s not controversial.

Brian’s combination of talent, poise and respect for the game will make Brian Covington a major player in the world of comedy. Remember we said it!

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