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BOSS MOVES: from Niecy Nash

Niecy Nash may be getting a new gig. According to reports, the Claws star just sold a pilot for her late-night series Naked with Niecy Nash to TNT. Nash will host and executive produce the series that would have her tackling issues of love, sex, romance and relationships with regular folks. If it’s picked up, it will be the first late-night series for the network that’s already home to Claws. Former Chelsea and Chelsea Lately EP, Sue Murphy, will executive produce the series and serve as show runner. “I’m so excited to add my voice to the late-night landscape,” Niecy Nash said in a statement. “Love is the thing we were created for but it’s also the place we struggle the most… until now! This is going to be a fun and sexy ride! TNT is the perfect partner for me in this endeavor! Adding an experienced and amazing executive producer and showrunner like Sue Murphy to this mix was the cherry on top.” The series would make Niecy Nash the first late-night show host for TNT and she would b..

Tyler Perry: ‘Nobody’s Fool’

Kevin Hart STILL has a Cell Phone Ban

Share This Post Kevin Hart isn’t fucking around when it comes to his phone ban, and quite a few people who attended (or at least tried to attend) his show in Manchester in the UK this week were unhappy with his strict policy. Like many comedians Hart has become frustrated with the overuse of cell phones during shows. While some comedians have opted for the “lock sock” to prevent people from using their phones during shows, team Hart chose instead to employ a phone ban rule at his show. Phone holders were warned that this was a zero tolerance policy, and one that was strenuously enforced. A cell phone security team roamed the arena. Violators were removed from the show, with no refunds given. And that included people who were sending texts, even if those texts were being sent before Hart even took the stage. The Telegraph reported that showgoers were pretty upset at what they perceived to be “overinforcement” of the policy. Some of the unhappy ejectees included three members of a gr..

BOSS MOVES: from Niecy Nash

Marina Franklin Performs Stand Up on Conan

Share This Post Ask anyone who are the funniest comedians performing in New York City and Marina Franklin will come up on almost every list. Marina returned to Conan last night, performed a fantastic set, and put in an hour LIVE from CONAN HQ in Burbank, with Clueless Gamer’s Aaron Bleyaert playing Dead Cells. Look out Twitch! Marina isn’t comfortable talking about politics on stage, but she’s very comfortable sharing her personal problems. And if you are unfamiliar with the term “bus pussy”, Marina’s set will not only be funny, it will also be educational for you. While we’re waiting for Team Coco to get that set up on YouTube, check out Marina’s Dead Cell play and her Instagram photos from backstage at Conan. Franklin is taping her first hour special at the Vic Theater in Chicago on September 14th, everyone in the Chitown area should save that date, and get tickets for one of New York’s finest. Read more comedy news. The post Marina Franklin Performs Stand Up on Conan appeared ..

BOSS MOVES: from Niecy Nash

Comedy influencers comics should know

Share This Post This year at Just for Laughs we got together with five comedy giants who most comedy fans have never heard of, but these five men and women have a gigantic influence on comedy. They are Gatekeepers, the owners, managers and bookers of the biggest and best comedy stages. These men and women have real power when it comes to comedy. Television can change your life, movies can make you rich and famous, but if the club and festival bookers aren’t interested in what you do, you’re not really a stand-up comedian. And it is on those same club stages that tv and the business in general, come looking for new talent so getting their attention is pretty important. This year, the Just For Laughs Comedy Pro team brought five of those gatekeepers together in one incredible panel to talk from their perspectives about what the hell is going on in the business right now. Jeff Singer who books talent for the JFL Comedy Festival spent an hour talking with four club giants: Mark Breslin,..

BOSS MOVES: from Niecy Nash