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Mike Epps Can’t Stop

Share This Post Comedian and actor Mike Epps is coming to Netflix and the streamer is promising an appropriately inappropriate no-holds-barred hour. Mike Epps: Only One Mike was filmed at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. The one-hour special reminds us why Epps is a one-of-a-kind comedian as he reflects on the gift (and curse) of raising four daughters, overcoming childhood dyslexia and the mysterious infinite wisdom of old people. Den of Thieves’ Jesse Ignjatovic, Evan Prager, Jared Morell, and Jordan Barrow executive produced along with Naptown’s Mike Epps, Thomas Cobb, Niles Kirchner, Kyra Robinson and Royale Watkins. Directed by Kevin Bray. In addition to a giant stand up career, Epps has a lengthy IMDB, that includes movies from the Friday series, The Hangover, Resident Evil, Jumping the Broom, and he’ll appear in the upcoming Dolemite Is My Name. Epps had an HBO special released in 2006, and his first Netflix special debuted in 2015. The new special will launch globally..

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NBC Announces 40 Comedy Acts Competing on New Reality Show This Summer

Share This Post NBC isn’t bringing Last Comic Standing back, but the network is bringing back competition comedy, and they’re very excited about the new concept. It combines all the comedy types- sketch, variety, stand up, puppets, improv. Based on show descriptions, the reality competition feels a lot like America’s Got Talent, if all the acts had some sort of comedy tie in. We’re expecting the comedy likely to be much broader and mainstream than Last Comic Standing was, aimed more at middle American than hard core fans. Stand Up purists are not likely to be impressed, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tune in. We see plenty of familiar stand up names on the roster- Jabookie Young White, Ali Siddiq, Erica Rhodes, Ian Lara and Jesus Trejo are just of few of the strong stand ups making the cut, and their inclusion on the show will be enough to inspire us to give the show a watch. NBC is planning for this show to stick around, announcing performers for their inaugural season today. ..

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Tiffany Haddish to release show about women in comedy

Tiffany Haddish wants to be sure the women who have made us laugh are not forgotten. Her new project, she tells The Hollywood Reporter during the magazine’s Comedy Actress Roundtable, will be a show that highlights and pays tribute to female comedians. “I haven’t seen a show that’s dealing with female comedies,” she said, noting that female comedians have to navigate “in a man’s world.” READ MORE: Tiffany Haddish set to host ABC’s revival of ‘Kids Say The Darnedest Things’ “It’s such a boys’ club, and really doing stand-up, like, for real female stand-up comics, and how difficult it is, and how you have to kind of fight your way into that boys’ club and be, like, ‘Yo, I’m just as funny as you. I can be up here just as long as you. I can pack out this theater just as much as you can pack out this —’ Sorry, I’m getting passionate about it.” Haddish, who co-stars with Tracy Morgan on TBS’ The Last O.G. also added that a part of her dating life would also be seen in the new project. “..

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Comedy Central Selects 18 Comics as Emerging Talent

Share This Post Just for Laughs has New Faces, Variety has Comics to Watch, and Comedy Central has “Up Next.” Each of these groups annually showcase who are the young comedians that industry has their eye on and this week Comedy Central named the 18 comics who they are designating as the next crop of promising performers. The “Up Next” comedians will have the opportunity to perform at Comedy Central’s own festival and signals a bright future for those selected. CC’s third annual Clusterfest is set to run later this month, and the Up Next showcases will run on Friday and Saturday June 21st and 22nd. Up Next will include 12 stand-ups as well as six variety performers who incorporate sketch/character/musical performances in their live sets. One of Philly’s funniest (and now killing in New York City), Shane Gillis is on the list of stop young stand up comedians along with Chris Estrada, Molly Kearney, Shapel Lacey, Tim Miller, Julia Shiplett, Mary Beth Barone, Ayo Edebiri, Christina Ga..

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JFL Nasty Show has Blue, no Black

Share This Post The folks at Just for Laughs Montreal released a long list of announcements about this year’s festival on Wednesday. Among those announcements- the full list of comedians who will perform at one of the festival’s flagship events- The Nasty Show. Who will host and who will he on the lineup is always a big deal– dirty comics wear the gig as a badge of honor. It’s an institution going back decades, initially hosted every year by the pitbull of comedy- Bobby Slayton for 26 long years. Now the host changes annually along with the lineup, but there are several blue comic mainstays who keep coming back. This year the festival runners promise that The Nasty Show is only getting nastier. As was previously announced, Bobby Lee is serving as your host and your entree into nastiness. Big Jay Oakerson who shot his half hour special as part of Netflix’s The Degenerates is back, but he’s the only Netflix “Degenerate” on the lineup. The rest of the cast of nasty’s are first timers a..

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