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Comedy influencers comics should know

Share This Post This year at Just for Laughs we got together with five comedy giants who most comedy fans have never heard of, but these five men and women have a gigantic influence on comedy. They are Gatekeepers, the owners, managers and bookers of the biggest and best comedy stages. These men and women have real power when it comes to comedy. Television can change your life, movies can make you rich and famous, but if the club and festival bookers aren’t interested in what you do, you’re not really a stand-up comedian. And it is on those same club stages that tv and the business in general, come looking for new talent so getting their attention is pretty important. This year, the Just For Laughs Comedy Pro team brought five of those gatekeepers together in one incredible panel to talk from their perspectives about what the hell is going on in the business right now. Jeff Singer who books talent for the JFL Comedy Festival spent an hour talking with four club giants: Mark Breslin,..

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