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Going off Script – Discuss hole in the wall restaurants and OTR Podcast #thecut_podcast EP:70

Barbershop discussion with OTR Mike from the Off the Record Podcast, we discuss southern hole in the wall restaurants, We interview OTR Mike and he discuss all the moves their amazing Podcast is making. We also discuss Crossover Media and their Podcasting Network. The Cut and One Mic: Black History links https://linktr.ee/thecut_podcast Off the Record [...]

Woman’s Suffrage vs Black Suffrage | The Battle to secure the right to vote

The Suffrage movement for African Americans and Women had their roots in the abolitionist movement but in the 70 years between the Seneca Falls Women’s rights convention and the ratification of the 19th amendment, the two groups relationship was ripped apart by racism and politics. Podcast links: https://linktr.ee/thecut_podcast Please support our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=25697914 Visit The [...]

What is Black Ownership? – Discuss Joe Budden and Owning your creations #thecut_podcast EP:69

Barbershop discussion with featured guest Delvin Cox from The Delvin Cox Experience. We discuss Joe Budden Podcast leaving Spotify, his disagreement with Charlemagne and what it means to own your creative work. Next we interview Delvin Cox and get his thoughts on the Kamala Harris, what comics he is reading and living in Miami. New [...]