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Bill Simmons Talks Politics, Conspiracies,

Larry Wilmore sits down with HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons to discuss a wide range of topics including the legacy of black sitcoms (5:00), the JFK and moon landing conspiracy theories (19:00), President Trump’s behavior, and *the long-term legacies of LeBron James and other athletes (56:00).

‘Chatting Expert’ With Liza Treyger – The Unofficial Expert

– Whew chile.. this episode was all over the place. We discuss everything from Gummies, being mean, and creepy landlords. Liza Treyger is our “Chatting” Expert since all we did was run our mouths. Learn everything and nothing from like chatty ass convo. BONUS episodes available now on Patreon: www.patreon.com/TheUnofficialExpert Follow Sydnee: IG @JustSydBW Twitter: […]

New Comedy Podcast ‘Shut The Front Door With Shawn Janifer’

Have you heard a phrase or word and wondered where it came from or why do we use it? Shut The Front DoorWith Shawn Janifer examines the origins of these popular phrases and words and makes it not only entertaining but educational. Every episode features a different comedian. Some of our conclusions may be fact, […]