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Dave Chappelle Sticks & Stones

Dave Chappelle changes the game, again. Dave Chappelle is having a stellar year. Not long after making his Broadway debut, the people’s champ will soon bless Netflix with a new stand-up special titled, “Sticks and Stones.” -Really soon. Like less-than-two-weeks-from-now soon. The old rules of marketing and promoting a show don’t apply to Netflix and mega-talent [...]

Byron Allen to host ‘Feeding America Comedy Festival’

Review of Wanda Sykes “Not Normal”

Wanda Sykes Netflix special is “Not Normal” Wanda Sykes isn’t shy about what “Not Normal” is all about. Hardly three minutes into her first Netflix special she applies the expression to the disarray and subjective disharmony that’s become known as the Donald Trump administration. She really pines on how he affects the whole of America, [...]

Byron Allen to host ‘Feeding America Comedy Festival’

Showtime makes ‘Black Monday’ funny?

Black Monday SHOWTIME has unveiled the official trailer for its new comedy series BLACK MONDAY.  It was released on the 31st anniversary of “Black Monday” the shows namesake & date of the worst stock market crash ever. The show stars Andrew Rannells, Regina Hall and Cheadle, who’s also the executive producer. The 10-episode series will premiere on [...]

Byron Allen to host ‘Feeding America Comedy Festival’