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EP 62: Un-Common Consent

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! Let’s talk about consent! The Soapboxx Podcast family talk about the latest sexual assault allegations against Rapper Common made by singer Jaguar Wright. Are there consent double standards? Comedian Vince Taylor and guest contributor Morgan Williams help us breakdown the latest news in pop culture and [...]

EP 65: Welcome Back!

EP 61: Coon-sequences

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! More coonin’ more problems! From the recently deceased Hermain Cain, actor Terry Crews, & many more faced the coon-sequences of their actions. The Fellas have the floor and anything goes as they discuss the latest in pop culture. Host- T.J. Legacy Co-host (s)- Allen York, Jessica [...]

EP 65: Welcome Back!

EP 60: Ready For Reform with Candidates Monique Worrell & Andrew Darling

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! Two candidates are better than one. Soapboxx podcast Host/Journalist T.J. Legacy sits down with both candidates Monique Worrell for Ninth Judicial Circuit State Attorney & candidate Andrew Darling for Orange County Sheriff. Marching and protesting alone is not enough. If you you want change, Worrell and [...]

EP 65: Welcome Back!

EP 57: The Emancipation of Nick Cannon with Bishop Talbert Swan

Make sure you support the @soapboxxpodcast on social media! Nick Cannon’s comments on his podcast has controversy swirling around him. In the aftermath of being fired from Viacom, The Soapboxx family talks the emancipation of Nick Cannon. Bishop Talbert Swan and Dr. V. Issa White Muhammad breakdown the difference between antisemitism and accurate accounts of [...]

EP 65: Welcome Back!