Comedian Byron Kennedy Makes His Grand Ole Opry Debut — See the Pics! – PEOPLE

Back to my roots! This journey started for me on the radio more than 25 years ago. I love that comedy always brings me back to radio, and this time I was at the legendary WSM with Bill Cody, Charlie Mattos and my dear friend Stephanie Quayle. So fun!
I had come in through the artist entrance before with our artists when I worked at Stoney Creek Records, but this time I was the artist. Still hard to make sense of that one.
This looks like I stepped barefoot on a Lego. Whatever it takes to keep it loose!
When I was a kid I was a huge Sam Kinison fan. I would listen to his album in my room for hours and had the whole thing memorized frontwards and backwards. He was the biggest influence on my wanting to be a comedian. I often times will wear a Sam Kinison T-shirt on stage while performing. I had no idea this record of mine was still in existence, so when my brother Carl showed up in my dressing room with it I freaked out! It's the same record. I hadn't held it in my hands in more than 30 years. The fact that it showed up on this day definitely felt like a God wink.
I'd be lying if I said this wasn't a cheers with friends disguised as me needing something to settle the nerves! In comedy, preparation beats nerves but sometimes it takes preparation and a tiny bit of tequila!
The final moments before going on stage, and I don't think the tequila worked. But I have never been drunk on stage, and I'm not going to start now. Not here! So my one sip and all my preparation will have to carry me through.
WOWZERS. I just did that!? That was me up there!? By the time I settled in up there it was time to come off. I still can't believe it. Total out-of-body experience.
The first minute on stage was a blur. I barely remember it. I definitely had to walk off the nerves. I should have put that Lego in my shoe.
Once I settled down up there and landed my first big punch I could have stayed up there all night. This is a moment I will always cherish. The Grand Ole Opry is not just another stage, so this was definitely not just another performance.
All the hard work and sacrifice led to this amazing moment.
No one makes you feel more special and appreciated as an artist than the Grand Ole Opry. They go above and beyond to make it memorable even giving me my own parking spot! I was so excited to find out that.
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