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Gerald Huston, a comedian who has gone viral for his trolling on NBA players, is back at it again. His latest victim? It’s none other than Orlando Magic rookie Paolo Banchero … err Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray!
On Saturday Huston uploaded a video of his recent interaction with Murray, during which he was doing his usual MO. Instead of calling NBA stars with their correct name, he mentioned a different player to troll them. Remember Rajon Rondo being called Chris Paul? Or Ben Simmons as Russell Westbrook? For the Hawks star, he reference his latest beef with Banchero.
He really rolled up on Dejounte Murray calling him Paolo Banchero 💀
(via iamgeraldhuston/IG)
— ClutchPoints (@ClutchPointsApp) September 17, 2022

Props to Dejounte Murray for handling that situation really well. For sure he did better than Ben Simmons when he faced the comedian last August.
It is definitely quite funny as well, especially considering the very public beef between Murray and Paolo Banchero after they called out each other on social media. The two went at it and showed the ultimate disrespect with each other, making things quite heated between them ever since.
The bigger question here, though, is how does Gerald Huston find these NBA players and troll them like that? Does he have some inside information on where these stars will be?
No one is safe from him, and whoever he targets, they are set to get some hilarious trolling whether they can handle it or not.
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