Comedian films first stand-up special at a pub open mic night – Bristol24/7

Comedian films first stand-up special at a pub open mic night – Bristol24/7

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By Martin Booth, Wednesday Sep 14, 2022
Edward Colston, the Bristol Beacon and sex therapy are among the themes covered in a comedian’s first special which was filmed at a pub in Kingsdown.
Alex Kitson ran the open mic comedy night at the Kingsdown Vaults for four years and decided that there was no better place than there to film his first special, which can be watched for free on YouTube.
But the stand-up who has also worked as a teaching assistant said that he “broke almost every rule of filming comedy”.
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In a Twitter thread, Kitson wrote: “Why did I film a special at an open mic night? It was filmed at the last ever gig I ran at the Kingsdown Vaults in Bristol. I hosted the open mic there for 4 years and, as I knew I was moving away, I thought it would be fun to film my first special while saying goodbye to the regulars in the room where I learnt how to do comedy.
“But by doing so, we broke almost every rule of filming comedy. The special isn’t perfect or slick as a result. The pub is open, the night was un-ticketed and it was a boiling hot June day and the room actually got so hot one of our cameras broke halfway through (and I’m sweating horribly by the end).
“We also only had one take – so the lights go out a couple of times and we had to edit around people stumbling in and the bar lady deciding to do some glass collecting in shot.”
Kitson added: “I also think I’m already much better than I am in the film since Edinburgh. There’s jokes in there I don’t do anymore and other I’ve improved massively. I’m a new act and I’m still getting better on a gig by gig basis.
“But I wanted it to capture a moment and place in time and it does that perfectly and I really like it would high I wasn’t expecting to. That’s mostly thanks to @tomasbudin_ who directed and edited the whole thing and made it look exactly how I wanted it. Like you’re in the Kingsdown Vaults on a Sunday night listening to me bluster my way through something. He’s a genius.
“Balls out, releasing all this for free is a big risk this early in my career but I wanted the creative challenge of writing new stuff and I feel like a lot of my stuff summed up my early twenties in Bristol – so I thought I’d put it all together in one special then start in London with a clean slate! If you could share it and spread the word that would be incredible.
“I don’t have an agent or anyone else pushing it so need anyone reading this to help me out! If you’ve ever enjoyed a joke of mine it’s in there so hopefully that’s worth reposting on your story, or sticking it in a group chat or telling your biggest comedy nerd mate. If you do all three I’d be forever in your debt.”
I ONLY do family photos if we pretend to be a rock-solid Premier League back four
— Alex Kitson (@AlexKitson0) July 12, 2020

Bristol comedy kingpin Mark Olver retweeted the thread. He wrote: “Have a read of this thread. It’s funny, really honest, makes me want to watch the Special.
“The ‘yoof’ are now able and willing to put their working out and mistakes into the world. He’s one of the good guys and funny. It’s fun to see the process.”
Main photo: Alex Kitson / YouTube
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