Comedian Jason Byrne hospitalised after 'niggles in his chest' days before he was due on stage – Irish Mirror

The Dublin funny man shared an update on social media
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Comedian Jason Byrne has been hospitalised in Glasgow after what he has called “getting niggles in his chest”.
The Dubliner was due to perform at the Glee Club in Glasgow, Scotland and at the Stand in Newcastle this week but according to a post on his official Facebook page he experienced “niggles in his chest (which) he had to get checked out.”
He added that the gigs will be moved to further dates.
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"We’re moving the dates until we know more. Also big thank u to Leslie, Dr Keith and all at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow,” he continued
Earlier this year Byrne admitted that he was shocked to hear that he required stents as a result of a previously undiagnosed heart condition – despite leading a very healthy lifestyle.
Speaking on The Late Late Show with presenter Ryan Tubridy last January, he revealed that he had a serious heart condition.
He said: ”I was always really fit. Ate really well, did all that stuff, no problem at all. So, I went for a run. I wasn’t feeling great (in October last year).
"So, I went for a run in Portmarnock and I felt a pain just on the [left] side of my chest. And if anybody is listening in, if you get any pains at all in that area, just go straight to your doctor. Even if it’s (just) wind, it doesn’t matter. Doctors don’t care. If it’s a pain there, go get it checked.
The 50-year-old explained: ”So I went to my doctor, my heart doctor, and he’s Rory Hanlon in Blackrock – he’s brilliant. They did a cholesterol test. They do all the ultrasound on you. But the only way they’ll spot it is with an MRI scan or an angiogram, where they inject a dye into you.
"So they injected it into me and they spotted I had three blocked arteries. Then I started to get really upset, because I’m really fit, I don’t smoke, I barely drink and my diet’s really good.
"And they went, Yeah, it’s hereditary. You got it from your mam and dad. You can get it from your grandparents as well. So it doesn’t matter how fit you feel. It can still get you.
"The doctor said, look, it's not your fault. It’s fine. There’s nothing you’re doing wrong, it’s just the cholesterol. I make more cholesterol than other people. So I have to take a tablet forever”.
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