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Julie Jay will appears in 'Oops this is toxic' in the Presentation Centre.

FOR anyone who came of age against the backdrop of the 1990s and 2000s, the Presentation Centre in Enniscorthy will be the place to be on Saturday, September 10.
Comedian Julie Jay will present her hilarious show, ‘Oops this is toxic’, and it’s a must for anyone who has fond memories of Britney Spears topping the charts and President Bill Clinton getting himself into a spot of bother with Monica Lewinsky.
There was also the lamentable onset of ‘reality TV’ and a lot more besides.
Julie’s show is a celebration, not just of Britney, but an acknowledgement of everyone who survived an era where music was diverse and fashion sense went out the window.
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In fact, there is a warning tag that the show contains images of 90s and ‘00s fashion which some viewers might find upsetting.
Julie actually has a lot in common with the princess of pop, Britney Spears; where the latter was in the Mickey Mouse Club, Julie was in the Poetry Club and she was also the only child in her class of 30 who didn’t make the Confirmation choir. Tickets for the show, priced €18, are available at

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