Comedian Katherine Ryan says it's 'open secret' TV star she confronted is 'sexual predator' – Daily Record

Back in June, the Canadian revealed that she had confronted the suspected sex pest, but now she speaks more on the ordeal.
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Katherine Ryan has spoken out about her claim she confronted an alleged sexual abuser in the entertainment industry.
The 39-year-old comedian reportedly came up against the unnamed individual whose actions, she says, many think are an "open secret", writes The Mirror.
Katherine told Louis Theroux that she was more than happy to have "dangerous" conversations about the alleged perpetrator within the industry.
Back in June, the Canadian revealed that she had confronted the suspected sex pest, b ut now she speaks more on the ordeal in the most recent episode of the new BBC Two series, Louis Theroux Interviews.
Louis asked her what she meant by the term "predator" and she replied: "I think I mean a perpetrator of sexual assault, but it is very dangerous for us to have this conversation. I’m happy to have it, but it’s a litigious minefield because lots of people have tried to nail this person down for their alleged crimes and this person has very good lawyers.
"So am I going to put my mortgage on the line by saying who this person is or entering into any conversations like that? We’ve seen what happens to the people who talk about alleged predators."
The pregnant mum-of-two added that "it’s not really my story to tell… no one has perpetrated any sexual assaults against me".
She added: "But this person, I believe very strongly, so do a lot of people… is an open secret, is a perpetrator of sexual assault, I, in front of loads of people, in the format of the show, said to this person’s face that they are a predator, again and again."
Parts of the episode of the unknown show, in which Ryan confronted the individual, were later removed from the show.
She said: "It’s fine, I still got paid and I still did my job, but I did it in my way that I felt was fair. This is what we talk about… female comics and probably actresses and women in my industry talk about all the time because that is the safest way for us to talk about it."
She added: "I didn’t tell any employer or blow or whistle or do anything at all, I handled it, for lack of a better term, like a man, and said it to his face."
When asked about the criticism she had received for not naming the individual, she went on: "Every time these things are eventually proven… everybody knew."
She added: "I didn’t mean to cause a stir about it, I just say things as they are."
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