Comedian Mike Epps, Philanthropist Amp Harris host turkey giveaway to serve city they grew up in – WTHR

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INDIANAPOLIS — The average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner this year is $64.05. That’s up 20% since last year. Thanks to inflation, consumers are seeing price hikes like this across the board — in grocery stores, at the gas pump and even on their utility bills. 
That’s why actor and comedian Mike Epps teamed up with philanthropist Amp Harris to help Hoosier families. 
The duo hosted a drive-thru turkey giveaway on Tuesday at the Avondale Meadows YMCA. 
Both men are from Indianapolis and they said it’s important to them that they remember their roots and give back to their city.
“At the end of the day, Mike and I come from the inner city and these people are a byproduct of us,” Harris said. 
People who came to the turkey giveaway were also able to get other groceries at no cost.
Epps said he remembered times when he and his family would go through drive-thrus like the one he and Harris organized to get turkeys for Thanksgiving. 
“Living in the inner city, I can relate to some of these kids, man. There were some times when I was young and we didn’t have turkeys. We used to [get] drive-by turkeys and free turkeys. So, I understand what these kids are going through and I just want to be a help to them and say, ‘Man, I can relate to that kid who ain’t gonna get no turkey this year,'” Epps said. 
Epps is also giving back to the people living on the very street he grew up on. 
In September, he announced he and his wife, Kyra, were revitalizing the area in a new HGTV series called “Buying Back the Block.” 
The couple had already transformed an abandoned firehouse on their block into their family home. 
In the TV show, the Epps will improve the neighborhood by updating each house, adding modern amenities, yet still keep the original charm, to create affordable, beautiful places for families to buy or rent. 
“Kyra and I are restoring two homes on the block, one was my grandmother’s house from the 1960s,” Mike said in a news release. “Our kids will see us work firsthand, nail by nail, to rebuild these homes and our community. Our goal is to inspire legacy and family for generations to come.” 
The three-episode series is scheduled to air in summer 2023.
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