Comedian Naomi Watanabe is Here to Show You How Hot Girls Travel – Cosmopolitan

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FYI: It’s with three different lipsticks.
Hot girls should never get caught lacking on the go. That’s a fact. Nobody knows this rule better than Japanese comedian and actress Naomi Watanabe. The star has been on her fair share of long-haul flights, so she stopped by to give us the drill on her typical airport loot. Note: it includes not one, not two, but three different lipsticks. Why? Because she’s a hot girl and wants to look fresh when she’s documenting her journey, obviously. Can’t get caught slipping.
In addition to on-the-go makeup tips, Naomi dropped gems on what every hot girl should have OTW to the airport, how she shows up for a flight, and how to finally unwind after those marathon travel days! Watch along for some solid tips on what you should have on hand during your next trip! You can peep a few of Naomi’s must-haves below, whether you’re prepping for a journey, or just generally want to emulate Naomi’s vibe, (can’t blame you there.)


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