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QUEEN of Comedy Nuala McKeever returns this September with her new show ‘Life Bites’.
The West Belfast comic actress is set to perform five shows at the Lyric Theatre this month, with nothing off limits as she celebrates life and all that it has to offer.
Audiences can expect to catch up with Hillary Hamilton of Holywood discussing the cost of living crisis from her villa in Majorca, find out why the Belfast Alexa never took off – “Swear to God, I’ve looked everywhere and I can find nathin’ to answer yer wee question, so I can’t” and an exclusive report on how Lloyalist paramilitaries get their nicknames, from Nobby “No Neck” Nicholson.

The former Give My Head Peace star spoke to the Andersonstown News ahead of her stand-up shows.
“I’m going to be taking it to the Lyric Theatre for five shows, and then to Downpatrick, The Playhouse theatre in Derry and finally to Lisburn Island Arts Centre in November,” she said.
“I’ve done a new show every year for the last four or so years, so after the TV I wrote a few plays and the most successful one was a one woman play called ‘In the Window’. 
“It toured Northern Ireland, Dublin, a month in the Edinburgh Festival and I took it to America twice and then to India. That went really well.
“Then I started doing stand-up, I got into a pattern of writing a new show and doing it at the Bangor Open House Festival in August, I’ve always gotten a really lovely reception there.”

On what makes this performance different to any of her previous work, Nuala said: “It’s a bit more edgy”, promising a lot of local humour as well.
“In the way that Billy Connolly’s comedy is very observational, I always think I come from a ‘aren’t we funny the way we behave’ kind of thing.
“I’m very honest really, my partner Mark Moloney died nearly nine-and-a-half years ago, I then hit the menopause and I was going through grief and menopause, and I got a stand-up out of all that which was a great way, eventually, to process a lot of stuff but it clearly touched a cord with so many people.
“I did see a headline that made me laugh, ‘How do you pleasure a woman after menopause?’ and I thought that’s easy – leave her alone.”
Beginning on the 28th September until 2nd October at the Lyric Theatre, ticket and booking information can be found here.
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