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A famous comedian roasted a Disney Employee on stage over Disney’s FastPass system, saying it ruined his experience at the Parks.
It is no secret that many fans are unhappy with the latest decisions made by The Walt Disney Company, including the dreaded reservation systems implemented at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, the recent price increases to all tickets at Disneyland, and, of course, the Genie+ System taking over the former FastPass.
While the experience while visiting Disney Parks has changed over the past years, one comedian recently shared how his visit was ruined by Disney World’s FastPass system and took revenge on a Disney employee roasting him on stage for helping create the system.
Akaash Singh (@akaashsinghcomedy) posted a snippet from one of his shows interacting with a couple in the audience. The target of this interaction was an industrial engineer who claimed to have worked on Disney’s FastPass system, which the comedian described as “this f***ing communist bull**** you gotta book like 60 days in advance. And if you don’t, you’re f***ed, and you’re gonna FastPass to like the tea cup ride or some s*** that nobody else wants anyway.”
Akaash then asked the Disney employee what he had done to improve the system, to which he responded, “I didn’t improve it,” which caused the comedian to lose it, yelling, “You didn’t improve it? You built the initial piece of s***? You know how many f***ing hours I waited for a goddamn choo choo train? Because of your dumba** FastPass system?” Akaash added, “You should be fired,” as his frustration grew.
The comedian then shared his experience while visiting Disney World and commented on how he had to wait three hours for a “f***ing Avatar ride,” playing “Heads Up!” with his wife, who’s nine years younger than him, “cause this guy won’t let me pay to skip to the front.”
Akaash then makes the situation uncomfortable for the Disney employee by asking his couple what the hesitation was for being unmarried after dating for five years. “That’s what I’m saying!” said his girlfriend before the comedian added, “Oh, oh, I’m sorry. Am I making you miserable with your significant other? Oh! I think that’s called payback, you f***! With your stupid f***ing socialist FastPass.” “Take that Bernie Sanders ass amusement park idea you have to f***ing France!” added the comedian.
Warning, explicit language is used in this video; viewer discretion is advised. 
You can see the video below or click here to watch it. 
I waited years for this moment! Nov. 4-5 | Atlantic City, NJ Nov. 11-12 | Madison, WI Nov. 17-19 | New York City, NY Dec. 1 | Tempe, AZ Jan 14 | Boston, MA
I waited years for this moment! Nov. 4-5 | Atlantic City, NJ Nov. 11-12 | Madison, WI Nov. 17-19 | New York City, NY Dec. 1 | Tempe, AZ Jan 14 | Boston, MA
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Ironically, Disney’s FastPass system was replaced by Genie+, which allows Guests to pay to skip to the front of the line at most attractions, as Akaash wanted. However, Avatar Flight of Passage is included in the list of attractions that require an Individual Lightning Lane, meaning that specific attraction is even more expensive for Guests who want to skip the line. In addition, Disneyland Paris adopted Disney Premier Access, a similar paid system that replaced FastPasses at the Parisian Disney Park.
Has your experience visiting Walt Disney World Resort been affected by the previous FastPass or Genie+ systems? Tell us about it in the comments below!
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