Comedians Improvise Things You Wouldn't Expect To Hear On A Real Estate TV Show – Digg

Comedians on “Mock the Week” take turns to share lines you definitely wouldn’t hear anyone saying on a property show.
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“An Introduction to Vilém Flusser and thoughts on on AI art.”
The One Blanket and Slippers are all you need to be perfectly cozy.
The ‘undercover’ security guard had us fooled for a second.
Since the end of “The Sopranos” the crown prince of prestige television has been on a trippy ride that’s involved making music, award-winning podcasts and the world’s best Instagram feed.
The ISS travels at a speed of five miles per second, or 18,000 mph. Here’s what that would look like just 10,000 feet above Earth.
“Congrats on forcing an 18 year old to out himself,” the actor wrote after being accused of “queerbaiting.”
They dressed up as a baby (in a diaper) and an elderly man, mocking criticism of their 11-year age difference.
The Parker Family Franchise continues with “A Christmas Story Christmas,” set to release on November 17, on HBO Max.
Henry Cavill is getting back into the cape, and James Gunn and Peter Safran now control the studio. Here’s how they can bring the Man of Steel back to life.
Because “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”, it’s recommended you get insurance for all your trips, from the weekend getaways to the long, business-related ones.
Somaliland declared itself an independent country in 1991 — so why don’t other countries see it as such?
After the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, how many of the people unable to get a legal abortion got one another way?
“Being the disabled friend in a nondisabled friendship — or even a nondisabled social circle — means that the burden is often on me to educate my friends about my disabilities.” is a staple to save you money while unlocking gaming.
LeagleEagle aka Devin Stone explains everything you need to know about The Onion’s Supreme Court amicus brief, which they filed to support an Ohio man who faced criminal charges for making a parody FB page of his local police department.
There truly is a “Simpsons” episode for any and everything.
There are two very specific things that Patton Oswalt finds terrifying.
Here’s a clip of all the team radios during Chastain’s ridiculous last lap move, including Chastain’s POV of the whole thing.
“And now my heart is broken. And I’m sitting here embarrassed and humiliated. I didn’t know how to handle it.”
The promise of instant delivery — especially for local groceries — has flood the market with different apps and services, and many of them have already folded due to their poor business decisions.
Elon Musk purchased Twitter for $44 billion. But now with added debt, Twitter needs to make way more money than before.
The federal agency that’s supposed to protect American consumers faces major obstacles before it can reveal that a product on the market is causing injuries or even deaths.
Consuming microplastics puts your health at risk. LARQ’s water filtration systems can keep you safe.
If you’ve ever seen those green crop circles when flying above farmland, here’s how they’re made.
Some men would hate to see their partner having sex with someone else. Other men… love it.
Made primarily from recycled materials, we’re more than happy to hit these sheets at the end of a long day.
New RSV vaccines mean this might be the last time the virus wreaks widespread havoc.
Nickel, one of the main components of batteries has a high polluting production processes, effectively cancelling out whatever emissions a potential EV would save. Here’s how geothermal energy would make even those go away.
Hate speech has spiked on Twitter since Musk became CEO, and the billionaire himself recently shared an unfounded conspiracy theory on the platform.
Police say they received calls hours before the crush that left more than 150 people dead.
To some, LinkedIn’s try-hard nature has become a perfect example of the worst of corporate culture. But the site’s influencers say the joke’s on everyone else, as they pull in big money with ease.
People on opposite ends of the political spectrum ask each other increasingly difficult questions — to which they can either answer or take a shot.
Time to deal with these energy-hungry appliances.
Someone asked what heydays are behind us, and Redditors came through with some insightful responses, ranging from certain technologies to ownership and more.
The rapper and actor tells Seth Meyer that people who are obsessed with the crime series might need to be investigated themselves.
Joel Simkhai is back with a new gay dating app, Motto, that aims to tamp down on behavior most associated with his previous creation.
Amazon has loads of storage devices from Samsung on sale. NVMe, USB drives, memory cards and more on on deep discount.
Winston Duke suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during the screen test for “Black Panther.”
Disability advocates say the discourse surrounding PA senate candiate John Fetterman has veered into ableist territory, not neurology.
AI researchers are warning developers to focus more on how and why a system produces certain results than the fact that the system can accurately and rapidly produce them.
Looks like the $329 Level Lock, which you can buy an Apple’s website, can be easily-hacked broken into.
Reading alone can’t take away the pain, but prose can be part of one’s internal healing.
NASA has captured an image of our home star flashing a cheeky little smile — it’s not spooky, it’s cute.
This simulation breaks down how many frames per second the speed of light would translate to if it was captured on Earth.
People appear to fear aging less with each year they grow older.
Mastodon gained 10,801 new accounts the day after Musk took over Twitter, according to the Washington Post.
Oliver points out how America’s legal system is in dire need of bail reform — because the current system is doing more harm than good.
Startups usually follow a pretty basic formula: college dropout with big idea meets venture capital. For the guy who founded Grubhub, it was a different story.
“I was panicking and started crying… He didn’t care,” one accuser, who goes by Jane Doe 1, told the court.
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