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Comedian Mo Amer is famous for his Netflix projects ‘The Vagabond’ and ‘Mo’. Getty Images
Mo Amer and Maz Jobrani will be performing in Abu Dhabi next year.
The two comedians, renowned for bringing Middle Eastern experiences to US stand-up, will perform their unique brands of observational comedy at Etihad Arena, Yas Island on March 4.
Amer is best known for his Netflix comedy special Mo Amer: The Vagabond, as well as being one-third of the comedy trio Allah Made Me Funny. He is also the creator and star of the Netflix comedy series, Mo. The show focuses on the absurdities of the US immigration process, and is based on Amer’s life as a Palestinian growing up in Houston, Texas.
Born in Kuwait, Amer fled to the US with his family in 1990, before finally obtaining US citizenship in 2009. Mo is inspired by Amer’s experiences in the US hustling to support his family while waiting for news on his asylum request.
He also stars alongside Dwayne Johnson in the DC film Black Adam.
Iranian-American comedian Maz Jobrani is a founding member and driving force behind the world-famous The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour. Photo: Levity Entertainment
Jobrani is a founding member and driving force behind the world-famous The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour.
His 2017 Netflix comedy special, Immigrant, focuses on immigrant life in the US during the Trump era. In 2021, his comedy special Pandemic Warrior was filmed in Dubai and is available to stream on Apple TV+.
Jobrani has made appearances in several popular television shows, including Grey’s Anatomy, and is a best-selling author. He was born in Tehran and moved to the US with his family aged 6.
An academically gifted student, he studied to be a lawyer, but envisioned himself on stage as a comedian and an actor.
“The plan was to be a lawyer and then maybe some kind of professor,” he told The National prior to his show at the Dubai World Trade Centre in May 2021.
“There would be days when I would be driving to work or school and my mind would be daydreaming and I wasn’t really into what I was doing.
“And it wasn’t really until my mid-twenties that I decided to really go for it.”
The coming show at Etihad Arena is being presented by Al Kalema Productions, in conjunction with the Department of Culture and Tourism — Abu Dhabi and Yas Island.
Tickets are going on sale on October 27 at starting from Dh250


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