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Sarah Kennedy is used to getting laughs while she’s on stage with her stand-up comedy act.
Yet, the Albuquerque resident can also ask the tough questions.
She’s exploring the question, “Why doesn’t Albuquerque have a comedy club?,” in her podcast “Comedy Ghost Town.”
Kennedy draws on her own experience as a comedian and producer with over a decade of experience in stand-up in local and national markets to lead her audience through a riveting, journalistic exploration of the factors that face both the comedic industry and also the larger entertainment and nightlife industries in Albuquerque.
“I started comedy after Laff’s closed,” Kennedy says. “I thought ‘We will get a comedy club soon.’ It’s been such a long time and we still don’t have a permanent comedy club.”
Through the years, there have been spots that pop up, but never a designated venue for just stand-up comedy, Kennedy says.
She began a deep dive into comparing Albuquerque to other cities of the same size and found that Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has multiple spaces dedicated for comedy.
“It’s been really interesting to dive into this project,” Kennedy says. “I’ll walk up Central and Gold and see a bunch of empty spaces. I troll these commercial real estate places leasing the building. I think our Downtown area could really be vibrant. We need to build this up with the community’s help.”
Kennedy is striving to keep a beating pulse on the issue and has already featured guests like comedian Sam Tallent, as well as Rep. Antonio “Moe” Maestas, D- Bernalillo.
She says New Mexico should have a dedicated comedy space of its own and she’s done the research to make a case.
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“This podcast is a culmination of the personal research I’ve done over the last 12 years,” Kennedy says. “Now that our local comedy scene has built enough drive and talent, having a local comedy club here doesn’t have to be a pie in the sky thing.”
The podcast premiered on Jan. 26 and a new episode is released each Wednesday.
Kennedy has already found support as the podcast has risen up Apple’s Stand-Up Comedy podcast charts, reaching No. 13.
“I hope that people who love stand-up comedy will find in ‘Comedy Ghost Town’ a cause that they can throw their energy behind, whether they live in New Mexico or elsewhere,” says Kennedy. “I want this podcast to present the issues facing anybody who creates a home for stand-up comedy. My sincere hope is that it will help spaces for comedy grow all over the U.S.”
While Kennedy continues to broaden the conversation about comedy in Albuquerque, here are a few things you didn’t know about her:
1 “I’m obsessed with Taylor Swift and I even did a one-woman show about her in New York. It was only supposed to be 45 minutes long, but I went a full hour.”
2 “I own and proudly display three empty cereal boxes in my home. They’re for a limited edition ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ breakfast cereal that came out in 2001!”
3 “I’ve never left the country. I don’t even have a passport but I am trying to change that.”
4 “I’m a comedian but when I was little I wanted to grow up to be a country singer.”
5 “My wife and I have a cat named Small and we sing her parody songs we write for and about her. Mostly about how much she likes food and how pretty she is. You know, the usual.”
Sarah Kennedy’s podcast, “Comedy Ghost Town” can be listened to on podcast streaming platforms. A new episode is released each Wednesday.
Editor’s note: Venue Plus continues “In Case You Didn’t Know,” a weekly feature with fun tidbits about New Mexicans and their projects.

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