Comic, book store Adventure, Ink growing in Milan – Monroe Evening News

Comic, book store Adventure, Ink growing in Milan – Monroe Evening News

Adventure, Ink of Milan sells comics, board games, tabletop role-playing games, new and used books of all kinds and gift items from local and independent makers.
It was started in 2018 by married couple Jeff and Laura Harvey and their friend Matt Blattman.
“I always like to refer to Adventure, Ink as the biggest impulse buy my husband and I have ever made,” Laura, a Milan native, said. “There was a little comic book shop in Milan, and Jeff had made a connection with the owner through a podcast initiative he was working on. One day, the owner asked if he’d be interested in buying the store.”Jeff said no. But, after talking to Laura, they decided to give it a try.
The business has already grown. Last summer it moved to a larger site. Its book line has expanded, and the owners have plans to grow the business’ online presence.
“We were originally in a smaller location inside of Collins Center, just down the street, on the corner of Wabash and Main. Last August we reopened in our new location with more space and a more visible storefront,” Laura said. “Moving was a great decision. People are finding us much more easily.”
The Harveys have interests and backgrounds in games and books.
“Jeff had an interest in comics, and we both played board games and tabletop role-playing games, so this genre was up our alley,” Laura said. “I also had 12-years experience working for Borders Books, and opening my own bookstore had been a pipe dream for me for many years. We added a small used books section in the store, and then when we moved to the bigger location, we added a full new and used books section selling books of all kinds. Adding the book side of the store has brought in a whole new demographic we weren’t reaching before.”
Adventure, Ink also hosts special events, like Magic the Gathering tournaments on Friday evenings and some Sundays. Other events at the store are tabletop role-playing games (Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, etc.), board game demonstrations and local author meet and greets and signings.
It has a wide range of customers.
“Kids like to come in for Pokemon cards, and our comics, books, and games appeal to teens and adults of all ages and interests,” Laura said. “Most of our customers so far have been local, but we have been meeting people from neighboring cities, like Saline, Ann Arbor, Dexter, Monroe, etc. We have a strong social media presence as well that attracts followers from all over. Our website is currently not e-commerce enabled; however, we recently received a grant to complete our website and we expect to finish that soon.”
Adventure, Ink’s owners have expansion plans, but want to retain the store’s current charm.
“Our immediate goals for the business are to get our website e-commerce enabled so that we can expand our income enough to achieve some renovation and décor goals as well as expanded staff and hours,” Laura said. “Long-term, we would love to be able to add multiple locations and/or franchises in other towns. We have tried hard to make Adventure, Ink a special place for our customers because it’s special to us, and that love and passion comes through in our interactions with community members and the care we put into everything we do. We wanted to create a space and build a community where people could come to our store and be who they are, show their passion for the things they read and play and create and have it be received with the same level of excitement they have for it.”
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