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Source: blackCAT / Getty

Source: blackCAT / Getty
Nobody really needs a reason to laugh, but in case you wanted an excuse, how about the absolute dumpster fire raging hell hole that has been this pandemic? Oh, and now it’s the holidays, and while for some, that can look like warm fuzzy moments with family, for many, it looks like biting your tongue to avoid a blow-out fight with ignorant or selfish relatives while sleeping on the lumpy pull-out couch in the den. If your blood pressure has been rising for these reasons and more, you probably need to blow off some steam with a good laugh.
Of course, you’re busy. That’s when a hilarious podcast could come in handy. Or when you take a walk before you say something you don’t mean and after a spat with your cousin over Christmas dinner. These hilarious podcasts hosted by brilliant Black comedians, TV stars and commentators have you covered.

This podcast is hosted by BFFs Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton, hence, “Frangela” because best friends combine their names. They talk all things politics and pop culture and hold nothing back. They even have a recurring co-podcast called “Idiot of the Week,” in which they rip to shreds whoever they think the idiots of the week are. If you struggle to find current events interesting, their podcast makes it fun to find out what everyone is talking about in the world. The podcast is always informative and never without humor. Their MO is to call out BS happening in the world and they do so with grace, charm and wit.
Amanda Seales is a comedian and star of the HBO show “Insecure.” On her podcast “Small Doses,” Seales invites interesting and dynamic guests to discuss current events, politics and really whatever catches her interest. The episode subjects range from serious ones, like pregnancy loss, to lighter ones, like reality TV. Her guests range from experts on hot topics to artists and celebrities. The likes of comedian Candice Thompson to “Queer Eye” cast member Jonathan Van Ness have come on as guests. Every topic is handled with eloquence, wit and, of course, her trademark sense of humor.
In this podcast, Nicole Byer invites guests on to discuss why she is perpetually single. She has on fellow comedians, like the Jimmy O. Yang, star of the recent Netflix holiday rom com “Love Hard,” and super fun TV personalities like drag queen Naomi Smalls. Byer and her guests unabashedly and genuinely dive into the reasons Byer might be single. It’s a must-listen for those wanting to find the humor in the single life, or really, just anyone.
Hosted by comedians Karlous Miller, DC Young Fly, and Chico Bean and accompanied by a good deal of cannabis, this podcast is refreshingly unstructured and the conversation goes wherever the brilliant and bizarre minds of the creative hosts takes it. The podcast doesn’t put on any airs about having a structure or theme either: it’s just some great comedic minds bringing on guests they’re interested to chat with, and discussing current events, hilarious hypotheticals and really…whatever comes to mind. Guests have included T-Pain, comedian Ronnie Jordan and rapper Lil Scrappy, to name a few. It’s always LOL good.
Brought to listeners by the author of the popular book “I’m Judging You,” this podcast features the sharp and hilarious social commentary for which the public has come to love Luvvie Jones. Her podcast promises to bring on guests who are, what she calls “Professional troublemakers” – those who disrupt norms, rock the boat and tell the truth, no matter the cost. Her guests run the gamut from celebrity doulas to standup comedians to best-selling authors. In a few words, the podcast is about people who have kicked down doors in whatever arena they operate in.
If you already enjoy Buress’ candid and sometimes surreal sense of humor as a standup comedian, then you’ll enjoy his podcast on which he shares stories from the road as a touring comic, discusses dating and relationships and just keeps listeners up to date with what’s happening in his life. One episode is recorded from a hotel room during some down time on tour – he records as he goes through life. Listening to the podcast feels like being along for the journey of life as a comic with Buress. He often has on other great comics, retelling war stories from shows they’ve done together. Humble, silly and candid, Buress is hard not to love.
Standup comedian Ms. Pat was invited so many times as a funny guest on other’s podcasts that she finally decided to bring her hilarious perspective to her own podcast with The Pat Down, with her friends Chris Spangle and Deon Curry, along with other friends and family who come on as guests. She covers everything from her own ridiculous experiences in entertainment, including a time she went commando after co-hosting the Wendy Williams show to diagnosing her health issues through her farts. She talks about owl sex in one episode and whether or not she’d help a son cover up a murder. As you can see, she lets the episodes go wherever her unique and lovable mind might take her.
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