Dad Just Let It Slip That He Thinks Of Himself As Stoic

Dad Just Let It Slip That He Thinks Of Himself As Stoic

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Look, it’s no secret that self-awareness isn’t precisely Dad’s sturdy swimsuit, however the previous man simply casually talked about one thing that means his notion of himself is much more out of whack than beforehand believed: Dad simply let it slip that he thinks of himself as stoic. 

LMAO, what?!? Sorry, Pops, however that evaluation is WILDLY off the mark. 

Dad revealed this extremely inaccurate opinion of himself earlier in the present day in response to a narrative Mother was telling about how a pair they know is experiencing marital difficulties partly because of the husband’s emotional inaccessibility, to which he replied with a very straight face that, “I imply, the actual fact is that males of our era are simply stoic by nature. I don’t let my emotions present, both.” It was a really bewildering assertion to listen to from a person who actually throws a tantrum each time he’s compelled to make use of self-checkout at a retailer, and who as soon as refused to eat dinner one night time as a result of Mother didn’t purchase his most popular model of mustard to have with bratwurst, and who simply this week has been whining nonstop day by day about how the shade from the neighbors’ new gazebo is inflicting the grass alongside the property line in our yard to yellow. Empirically and indisputably, Dad is a very delicate, immature little bitch, and it’s completely baffling how he one way or the other arrived at this concept of himself as an emotionally regular, rock-of-the-family sort.

Maybe all of the WWII motion pictures he watches have rubbed off on him and made him really feel like he’s some sort of solemn “man of few phrases” who quietly sips scotch at night time to take care of his demons, nevertheless it’d take some next-level psychological gymnastics to reconcile this notion along with his precise, real-life conduct, which is so pushed by stress and rage that he actually has to take prescription medicine day by day for his blood stress. Like, have you ever ever seen this man attempt to keep his composure when ordering at a drive-thru? Dude’s an absolute mess. He’s mainly simply an obese, sentient mass of emotional volatility that at any second might erupt on the slightest provocation.  

Severely, how might he probably see himself as stoic? What’s happening in his little pig mind that made him arrive at such a batshit conclusion?

However, hey, no matter. If Dad desires to painting himself as stoic although he as soon as punched a gap in the lounge drywall as a result of the Bears shanked a game-winning subject objective try, he can go forward. Not like anybody listens to him anyway. Fuckin’ doofus.

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