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Dave Chappelle Reveals White People’s Weakness | Netflix Is A Joke

Dave Chappelle discusses the trials and tribulations that his ancestors went through and how it took them 400 years to discover white people’s true weakness.

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  1. We misunderstood the kneeling at first.
    We presumed it was merely disrespect towards the country.
    Those of us sincerely lucky enough to have a black person actually explain the reasoning suddenly felt as if we were only 1 inch tall.
    Never again have I had an issue with kneeling. And I’m offended that I never seen the reason beforehand.
    Sometimes human communication with another is all that is needed. And I was a complete moron to say the least.
    I’ll say it. FUCK my family ancestors! Truly!
    NEVER have I been so embarrassed than the day I decided to learn about my family’s ancestry!
    Let time travel become a reality. I will set that entire side of the family tree on fire without hesitation.
    If that means I would not be here to leave this comment, SO BE IT.
    I miss my friend. A lot!
    People… never assume you know. Always ask. Many times you can not take back something you said in ignorance.
    And the eventual loss is probably not worth it at all.
    I’m sorry T!! I deserved what I got and have never denied it. Just wish I wasn’t such a moron then.

  2. this is just something so wrong about the logic in saying something like “we fought in the civil war”… Dave, you didn’t fight in the civil war, so don’t say we….

  3. Talk about freedom !!!

    If a white comedian did the same show, blacks would be outraged. But, its OK for them ?

    Yeah, being held down by the man…

  4. If only the strongest of the black people survived the middle passage slave ships and almost freed themselves from slavery how is it possible that they have been so victimized for the past 400 years? Food for thought.

  5. Dave is hilarious, but sometimes he is still a racist idiot. 360,222 white, Union soldiers – that never owned a slave and hated slavery – died to free black folks and end slavery. Additionally, not one Democrat would support ending slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow. If it weren’t for Republicans, we would still be enslaved, or at the least, segregated.

  6. After this set all I can say is “African Americans deserve reparations and a whole lot of understanding” They should be in courts and on the streets fighting for it.


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