'David Walliams was talking about ME!': Comedian claims she was target of 'misogynist' sex slurs – Daily Mail

By Nick Craven and Elizabeth Haigh For Mailonline


A comedian and impressionist has claimed that David Walliams‘ sexually explicit remarks made during the filming of Britain’s Got Talent in 2020 were about her, MailOnline can reveal.
Clare Harrison Mccartney, from Harlow, Essex has today come out fighting, telling under-fire ‘misogynist’ Walliams: ‘I wouldn’t fancy him if I won him in a raffle!’
Walliams’ future as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent is now in serious jeopardy after he made the appalling sexual comments about a woman who had just auditioned for the show and described an elderly contestant as ‘a c***.
The show’s bosses are said to be unsure about him returning ten years after he first joined the series following the remarks which were made during auditions in January 2020 at the London Palladium.
After the female contestant had walked off stage, Walliams remarked: ‘She’s like the slightly boring girl you meet in the pub that thinks you want to f*** them, but you don’t.’
He later added: ‘I know, she’s just like: ‘Oh, f*** off!’ I was saying, she thinks you want to f*** her, but you don’t.
‘It’s the last thing on your mind, but she’s like: ‘Yep, I bet you do!’
‘No I don’t! I had a bit of a b***r, but now it’s going, it’s now shrivelled up inside my body.’
It is unknown how Ms Harrison Mccartney would have known the comments were made about her.
However, a spokeswoman for BGT producers Fremantle UK has denied the comments were about Clare Harrison. 
Ms Harrison Mccartney said she chose to audition for the talent show in the hopes of a ‘better life’ using her comedy talents
The comedian made a series of impressions during her 2020 interview using different wigs and hats to enhance her act
David Walliams is said to have described a woman as: ‘She’s like the slightly boring girl you meet in the pub that thinks you want to f*** them, but you don’t
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Clare Harrison Mccartney is an amateur comedian from Harlow, who auditioned with impressions on the 2020 show
Despite Alesha appearing to be in fits of giggles during some of the audition, the judges did not put the comedian through

Ms Harrison Mccartney initally retweeted criticism of Walliams, but then posted on Twitter: ‘Those comments from #DavidWalliams were about me in this audition. I certainly wasn’t putting out f-me vibes to David walliams, that’s in his mind. What a misogynist thinking all women fancy him.’
She added: ‘As if I didn’t feel low enough after that audition and he’s implying I fancied him – don’t flatter yourself Walliams. I only went on BGT to try for a better life because I’m skint in a council flat, you sad misogynist.’
In a separate tweet, she said: ‘There was no way I was sending #DavidWalliams those sexual signals.
Former members of Britain’s Got Talent production staff have revealed some contestants are labelled ‘buzz-off’, or BO, by crew working on the programme.
A casting list from 2012, seen by the Guardian, features the acronym which staff say was still used in 2016.
Five former employees who worked for the casting team told the Guardian it was used to refer to contestants who production staff believed could be funny but might perform poorly and be rejected by the judges. 
‘Thinks he can go all the way to the final!’ a casting team staffer apparently wrote of one ‘buzz-off’ contestant. ‘Only put through because he is so unlikeable.’ 
Lawyers for Thames said that although this term might have been used by production staff, no outcomes were pre-determined and it all depended on the judges’ opinions on the day. 
Each of the judges has one buzzer, and if all four hit their buzzers it means the audition must end
I’m a skint comedian from Harlow who went on BGT to try to better myself so I can move out my council flat.
‘As if I wasn’t low enough after that audition. It’s disgusting. I wasn’t putting out sex vibes to him, I just wanted a better life. He’s a rich bloke who thinks he’s better than me because he’s got money.
‘It’s disgusting #DavidWalliams thought I was giving out vibes for men to **** me. I wasn’t. 
‘He also asked me if I was single, that’s none of his business. I just wanted to better my comedy career by going on BGT. 
‘This shows he’s a nasty misogynist who abuses his showbiz power.
‘Don’t flatter yourself mate, I never fancied you. You’ve shown your true misogynistic colours. Narcissists always think everyone fancies them. I wouldn’t fancy you if I won you in a raffle! #DavidWalliams.’
Yesterday, broadcaster Piers Morgan, a former BGT himself, tweeted that Walliams is ‘one of the nastiest frauds in TV’.
Ms Harrison Mccartney retweeted the comment, adding: ‘Thank you for sticking up for me @piersmorgan.’
She also tweeted that BGT producers had ‘made me delete all my videos on YouTube of my comedy characters because they were not family friendly, yet they allow #DavidWalliams to swear and say sexually explicit remarks about women. Double standards.’
The claims come as the comedian and his co-stars, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon are in negotiations for their 2023 contracts. None of them has yet signed a deal.
One source told the Mail: ‘This could not have come at a worse time in terms of his return to BGT, the discussions are going on right now so David’s remarks have now become a huge part of the conversation.
‘He hasn’t signed any deal yet which has come as a relief because now there are options. 
‘It is a family show and this isn’t just a negative thing to happen, it is offensive to people.’
The BGT judges seemed initially to have mixed reactions to Ms Harrison Mccartney’s impressions when the show went out
Ms Harrison Mccartney revealed that the comments were in reference to her on Twitter in a series of public posts yesterday
The comedian also said Walliams asked her whether she was single – something she said was ‘none of his business’
Ms Harrison Mccarthy (left) chats to another contestant before her audition on the show in footage broadcast at the time
Sources close to BGT say that Walliams return is now ‘very much under threat’ and he is ‘under the microscope’, with some senior staff saying that he should be immediately axed.
‘It has left David in a very precarious position. There are some people involved in the show who point blank don’t want him back, there is a danger of this incident becoming part of the BGT narrative and nobody wants that. 
‘It’s a lovely show that brings so much joy.
‘Some are saying that David’s return is now highly unlikely.’
Walliams, one of the UK’s best-known television personalities and children’s book authors, was forced to apologise for his outbursts – but insisted that they were private conversations.
In a statement to The Guardian, the former Little Britain star said: ‘I would like to apologise to the people I made disrespectful comments about during breaks in filming for Britain’s Got Talent in 2020.
‘These were private conversations and – like most conversations with friends – were never intended to be shared. Nevertheless, I am sorry.’
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