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DeRay Davis Comedy Special


Through 2017, we’ve seen many comedy specials and the resurgence of comedy is well overdue, but honestly, some were lackluster. Many of the comedy “specials” we’ve seen this added more hype than hope for the future of comedy. Some appear no more special than the comics regular set.  In all fairness, we can’t blame this on the talent, in many cases the VOD services, agents and managers chase dollar signs instead of allowing the comic to perfect his show.  However, we’ve just previewed a special that’s TRULY special! DeRay Davis’ “How To Act Black” is worthy of praise.

DeRay Davis’ new stand-up special “How To Act Black” is now available on Netflix and it’s a hit! To promote the big premiere, Netflix has released a trailer, giving fans a taste of what’s in store. This special was well produced, as expected and featured a bearded DeRay, who’s maturity was cleverly interwoven into his signature silliness. The special gives viewers a well-written, poignant and comical view of Black life in America. We commend DeRay and his team on making such an important topical, comical. DeRay’s non-aggressive style is the perfect vehicle to drive home a well needed message on race in America.

In “How To Act Black” Davis shares personal experiences of being black in America. According to the Netflix’ description, the Chicago-born comedian takes on a host of topics in his this hour-long special including dating, what he believes are the finer points of living, and handling show business as a black man — the latter can be seen in the above trailer.

Davis taped his new special during 2 shows at Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse on August 19. The resulting How To Act Black was written by Davis and directed by Marcus Raboy, who has directed a slew of 2017 comedy specials for Netflix including Cristela Alonzo: Lower Classy, Vir Das: Abroad Understanding and, most recently, Ryan Hamilton: Happy Face.

We thoroughly enjoyed this show and hope it’s a sign of great things to come in 2018.



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