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DJ Pryor is So Funny

DJ Pryor is So Funny


Comedian DJ PryorDJ Pryor is an American comedian, actor and musician originally from Petersburg, Virginia and later moved to Clarksville, Tennessee. He was a military child and the oldest of 12 children. As a child, his grandmother would let him watch Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor, planting a love for comedy inside his young mind.  Pryor began stand-up comedy professionally at the age of 15 years.

n 2019, a home video of him and his 19-month old son babbling went viral. In the ninety second video shows the pair engaged in a conversation. While the baby’s ‘words’ are typical of a 19 month old baby,  its complete gibberish but DJ his encourages the conversion by responding, its comedy gold.

Pryor has trained under Kim Hardin and participated in improv classes with Chris Berube. He has performed in commercials for Allstate and Jack Daniel’s. He hosts a web series, The DJ Pryor Show via Facebook. In January 2019, Pryor participated in the CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase. As of January 2019, he is represented by the Dan Talent Group and is based out of Richmond, Virginia.

Pryor cites Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker and Flip Wilson as early influences on his style. Pryor’s stand-up routines are based on his real life.

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