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Al Porter has announced a series of new gigs. Pic: David Conachy
Níall Feiritear

Comedian Al Porter has announced a series of upcoming gigs, his first since stepping back from all public appearances in 2017.
The 29-year-old star, from Tallaght, will be sampling his new material at The Laughter Lounge in Dublin, as well as gigs in Cork and Galway.
“A good few people have asked if I am doing any gigs,” he revealed on social media.
“I am excited to do spots in The Laughter Lounge, Citylimits, The Hot Spot Music Club, Dalkey Comedy Club and Kavanagh’s Pub in Portlaoise. I will share the links as they go up.”
The star left his high-profile radio slot in November 2017 amid a furore over unproven allegations made on social media. These were subsequently withdrawn in 2019.
Since then, his only appearance was a brief slot at a charity gig in his local pub in Tallaght, The Dragon Inn, earlier this month.
“I got a major wake-up call. I paid a high price and learned my lessons the tough way and in the most public way imaginable,” Mr Porter said in a statement earlier this year.
“When you last heard from me, I had been on the comedy scene for about four and half years, since I was 19.
“I’ve spent the entire second half of my adult life growing, learning and making amends where I could.
“Over the years there’ve been offers to go back on stage, but I just wasn’t ready. I expected the time away to be shorter, and the lockdown years played their part too.
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“Now, I’d like to make people laugh again. Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future. Mine starts now,” he added.

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