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Comedian Shane Byrne is doing the Dickie Dip in Skerries for men's cancer care on November 5
Amy Donohoe

A Dublin comedian is taking to the sea in his birthday suit in aid of the Mater hospital.
Shane Byrne is doing the Dickie Dip for men's cancer care on Saturday, November 5, in Skerries.
The money raised will go towards treatment and diagnostics for men’s cancer, particularly prostate cancer.
“I’m a comedian, laughter is my business. Sometimes, doing something ridiculous and silly is a way to mark something,” Shane said.
“If someone is not here anymore, you can mark it by saying you had a laugh when they were here.
“The event is not really a spectator sport. They have us very well looked after, and only certain people can go onto the beach at that time.
“Some people hang around the dunes to get a look, but all they see are a few butts,” he added.
Shane first took part in the fundraiser after being mistaken for the famous sports star of the same name – and he just went along with it.
“There’s a rugby player called Shane Byrne, and sometimes I get emails meant for him or people tweet me thinking that I’m him,” he said.
“One day, this Shane Byrne was doing a dip in the nip, so I asked myself if I was the worst version of Shane Byrne and should I be doing it too? So, I signed on.”
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Shane said everyone has experience of cancer, whether it’s themselves or a loved one, and he wants to do all he can to help.
“There are lots of different reasons men take part. It’s all a bit of a laugh, but a lot are receiving some treatment themselves or may have been diagnosed with something.
“There are a lot of men doing it, young and old, who are impacted by cancer. They are grateful for the support the Mater give to them and they want to give something back.
“Maybe they’re doing it in memory of someone they’ve lost. Sometimes having a laugh is another great way of remembering someone.
“There’s nobody’s life that isn’t touched by cancer. A lot of men are going to be confronted with it at some point, so we may as well help each other,” he added.
The Dickie Dip is organised by the Mater Foundation. You can donate here.

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