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Brooklyn native Dwayne Perkins is a now a vet in the comedy game, respect his gangsta, or lack thereof. His one hour comedy special: “Dwayne Perkins: Take Note” debuted on Netflix to rave reviews and instantly be- came a fan favorite, but its anything but typical. Take Note became a top 50 Netflix comedy special within 2 months of its release. Dwayne’s special has earned him a spot in today’s elite class of stand-up comics with several appearances on Comedy Central and Conan. In addition to comedy, Dwayne has also authored a book, “Hot Chocolate For The Mind,” A collection of humorous essays.

Dwayne co-wrote and starred in the feature film Dying To Kill, now on Hulu, where he plays a stand-up comic who has to get laughs or due trying. His recurring piece on The Jay Leno Show entitled “Great White Moments in Black History,” was a viewer favorite. Dwayne’s Comedy Central half hour special, a culmination of his talent and hard work, was very well received and voted one of the top 25 Comedy Central specials of all time. It showcases his unique way of looking at life and his unparalleled ability to convey it in a hilarious manner. His comedic instincts and acting skills shine through in the independent film Target Audience 9.1 where he offers much of the comic relief as the funny likable geek. Dwayne wrote for and was featured in a TBS interstitial campaign called Trends With Benefits. Here he took retail trends and put a funny twist on their societal implications. Dwayne has also headlined the Hong Kong Comedy Festival and is part of The Bob & Tom Comedy Tour in addition to headlining colleges and comedy clubs across the country. 

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