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Earthquake “Jesus Was Black” Latham Entertainment Presents

Maybe that explains why He hasn’t come back yet

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  1. Whom in history decided upon the views, ideas of someone, that one is referred to as “black” or “white”? The questioning and ponderfications of Theodorius Ghandeli.
    Apparently the majority of every generation still agrees and possibly being taught to agree?

  2. Nigga, Nigga, Nigga. When a displaced and oppressed people consistently use debasing epithets as a reference point to describe themselves, this is indicative of a deep psychopathology. You can spin it anyway you chose, but it still remains the same. When you can convince a people that something that is detrimental to them is good, then you have thoroughly succeeded in capturing , controlling and enslaving their minds. I am in my sixties and know very well why many member of our community used this vile and vulgar term. Believe me, their is absolutely nothing endearing about this word.if those of you who use it were in your right state of mind, you would see it too.

  3. Walter Latham is a notorious/habitual sexual harasser of his employees. #metoo

    It’s NOT a joke. I worked for the man in the L.A. office during the Kings of Comedy movie era (my name is in the credits) and he treated me as if he was entitled to have me (despite having a wife and small son – both of whom I knew – at the time). I never gave in and I’m sure I lost my job as a result. Afterwards, I ran into other women who had the same story to tell.


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