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Edward Griffin (born July 15, 1968) is an American comedian and actor. He is best known for portraying Eddie Sherman on the sitcom Malcolm & Eddie and the title character in the 2002 comedy film Undercover Brother. He also played T.J. in the Deuce Bigalow movies.

Griffin was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and was raised by his single mother, Doris Thomas, a phone company operator.[2] In December 1985, at 17 years old he moved to Compton, California to live with his cousins and finished his senior year at Compton High. He later enrolled as a biological engineering major at University of Miami after graduating from high school in 1986, but later left in 1988 and moved to New York City to peruse a career in comedy. Griffin did not see his mother for four years, after Griffin and his mother got into an argument at his 20th birthday party in 1988, where Griffin’s mother accused him of stealing jewelry from her, which Griffin denied doing. Griffin later moved back to Los Angeles, California in March 1992, to be closer with his family when his mother was injured in a car accident.

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