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Eddie Kadi (born 18 May 1983 in Kinshasa) is a British-Congolese comedian, presenter, actor and MC.
A resident of Little Ilford School, West London since 1992, he is a past student of Fulham Primary School, Henry Compton Secondary School, William Morris Academy and Kingston University from which he graduated with BSc Honours in Media Technology. Kadi served as President of the Afro-Caribbean Society at the University.

In 2006 Eddie Kadi won the BECA Award for Best Comedy Newcomer. He went on to stage a series of sold-out solo concerts – two of those during 2009 at the indigO2. In September 2010, he performed at London’s O2 Arena where he sold out the 13,000 arena according to his numerous (2) appearances on Fighting Talk. He has also released a 4 disc DVD collection, and completed numerous radio, television and film projects.

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